Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Word Verification Wednesday - Dizatere

Dizatere (aka Dune Dogs)
No. Enc. : 2d4 (2d6)
Alignment : Chaotic
Movement : 150'(50')
Armor Class : 5
Hit Dice : 4
Attacks : 3 (2 claws, 1 bite, blood sucking)
Damage : 1d8/1d8, 1d6+1, 1d6
Save : L3
Morale : 9
Hoard Class : None
Mutations: Nocturnal, Toxic Weapon (Tongue, Paralysis 1d6 rds.), Blindness, Echolocation, Increased Hearing.

     The Dizatere is a freakish looking mutant beast, possibly a heavily mutated dog or maybe it was once a lizard or… anyway the Dizatere rove the dune wastes in (thankfully usually small) packs, hunting down anything that they can catch, and may the ancients help anyone who crosses their path. There have been reports of packs bringing down Ostragnon and even larger prey. They are covered in a tough scaly purplish hide that has nasty bone spurs in various locations throughout their body (anyone grappling a dizatere takes 1d4 damage per round, course who would try to "hug" such a best anyway), They have two sets of teeth an outer front facing set for ripping and tearing and a more "traditional" set for …well..eating, ripping, tearing, chewing etc… They also have vicious claws that leave lovely beauty marks on the flesh of their victims, as well as, permitting the beasts to climb quite quickly over difficult terrain. Even more frightening is their tongue it is in fact a hollow tube that when inserted in its prey will draw forth the victim's blood. Their tongue has a paralytic poison that will paralyze their prey (each round of sucking blood inflicts 1d6 hp damage to the victim and restores the same amount to the Dizatere). Given the scarce resources (food) in the wastes they have evolved to let nothing go to waste, they will try to immobilize their prey with their poisonous tonge, and then suck out all the blood from the body, soon followed by a wild orgy of ripping, eating and tearing.
     Something that to some makes them even more frightening is the fact that they are blind. On a dark night out in the wastes, it is a terrifying experience to hear the eerie sonar cries of the hunting packs of Dizatere roving the sandy dunes looking for prey.

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