Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Barbarians of the Ruined Earth

Hope everyone is doing well. I haven't posted much in awhile. I work in healthcare and things as you know have been hectic.  My face to face gaming is on hold, have done a bit of online play, but I much prefer face to face gaming.
I did recently pick up a cool Sci-Fantasy Post Apocalyptic RPG. Barbarians of the Ruined Earth.
     Barbarians of the Ruined Earth (BotRE) uses Back Hack (first edition) as the mechanical basis for the game, you don't need a copy of those rules to play. BotRE presents a fun, rules-lite gonzo P.A. game. Inspiration comes from Thundarr the Barbarian (yes I am old enough to remember watching it on T.V. when it first came out), Pirates of Darkwater and some Mad Max thrown in for good measure.  As a fan of Gamma World going way back I had to grab this one. Keep in mind it has more of a wahoo Thundarr vibe, than a grim and gritty vibe, so if the concept of weaponized critters (Exploding Hedgehogs) would ruin your immersion, this may not be for you.  But, if like me you need some wahoo, gonzo, crazy fun in the midst of all the world's current problems this may be worth your while.  Not sure when I will get to run it, but hopefully soon, even if it is just an online pickup game.  I may try to use it with Christian's Wasteland of Gath mini-scenarios?
     Good Gaming and Be Safe Everyone!
and speaking as a Nurse out there on the lines, PLEASE wash your hands, wear a mask and social distance, this shit is real.