Sunday, March 20, 2016

Friday's Labyrinth Lord Game

We were able to meet and play Labyrinth Lord again.  The Campaign is really shaping up nicely, I definitely recognize some City State of the Invincible Overlord references in this one. One regular player couldn't make it, but a new guy stepped up to take his place.  The new guy saw we needed a thief and he stepped right up and did a fantastic job! We battled harpies (the thief nearly bought it!), dealt with poison gas (that one almost got all us), battled a medusa (the fighter got turned to stone! NOOO!!).  Avoided a troll, well we found fresh troll poop so we went the other way!, and I wound up Geased/Cursed to return an evil relic to the poison gas/medusa temple that nearly killed us all.  Good Times!!
Being able to sit down with a group of skilled, fun players just makes everything awesome!  We are having to take a brief break due to work and such, but I know we will be getting back to this game again.  
Hope you get some gaming in this weekend!