Saturday, September 21, 2013

Neptunian Werewolf

Neptunian Werewolf
AC: 5                                    No. Appearing: 1 (1d6)
Hit Dice: 4                            Saving Throw: 13
Attack Bonus: +4                  Movement: 30'
Damage:  (bite) 2d4              Morale: 8
Special Abilities: Immunity to Cold, Dark vision, Acute Sense of Smell
     Neptunian Werewolves are a species with eerily similar characteristics to the werewolves of old Terran legend and myth, they were first encountered on the Neptune Space colonies, there are reports that they have spread to other worlds.  Neptunian Werewolves may assume a blue-furred wolf-like humanoid form (as pictured above) or a more human-like form (although even the human form is often noted to have excessive hair with a blueish hue or a yellowish tinge to their eyes). They are immune to attacks from normal weapons but take normal damage from psychic attacks (spells if you are using them in your Campaign) and take double damage from silver.   Unlike the Werewolves of legend Wolfsbane is not an effective deterrent against these beasts.  

 Saw this beastie on Faceoff the other day, figured he needed to be worked up for some Space Gaming Goodness!- B
I can see having an isolated ice world colony being taken over by these beasts, the PC's arrive and quickly realize something is just not right with the populace.  Maybe the Werewolves are the result of Maltech being used to genetically engineer the humans into super-soldiers being able to withstand intense cold and something went horribly wrong! 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Some Sci Fi Gaming Resources on the cheap

Picked up a couple of Star Wars Essential Guides in the Discount Bin at a Comic Shop, while I'm not currently planning on running a Star Wars Campaign, I'm thinking with a bit of reskinning I can get some cool locations and aliens to use in my Sci Fi Campaigns (X-plorers, Stars Without Number, or whatever your Sci Fi game of choice may be). I scored both books for only $5.  : )

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Vorcarians for Machinations of the Space Princess

I've been watching reruns of Farscape lately, man that was such a great series!  One of my favorite alien races from the show are the Vorcarians.  So I figured I'd stat them up for Machinations of the Space Princess.

Race Template
Adaptable:  +1 skill point
Acute Sense of Smell (+1 to Survival & Search Skills)
Pack Mentality
Night Vision
Strong (+1 to STR)
-4 to Charisma
-4 to Intelligence
Aggressive, Pack Mentality
Vorcarians are a stout, bipedal species with moderate intelligence. The males and females are nearly indistinguishable from one another, and they are dog-like in appearance with long stringy, grey hair, metallic teeth and red eyes. Their namesake comes from their amazing ability to track and hunt by the scent of blood. The species is so adept at tracking, that bounty hunting is both a lucrative and appealing line of work for them. Females have a better sense of smell than males, yet the species is patriarchal, wherein the females are submissive to the males (females get an additional +1 to Survival & Search Skills but suffer a -2 to Charm and Will Saves when interacting with males). Female Vorcarians act in accordance to how their male mates direct them. Vorcarians are very aggressive, but easily become submissive when dealing with a more aggressive party.  

Vorcarian Blood Tracker (75xp) 
Quote: "We split the bounty 80-40!" 
Close Defense: 13 
 Ranged Defense: 14 
 Armor: Hides 1d4
Hit Dice:
4 (18hp)
10m per round
1d4 fists, blade 1d6, blaster carbine 1d10
(See above)
Combat Dodge 1, Survival 2

 Vorcarians are Copyright Jim Henson Company, no copyright infringement is intended. 


Simian Saturday Gorillelephantaur

Somehow I missed Mark Chance and Sniderman's original posts for this way cool beast!

The Gorillelephantaur is just perfect for a Simian Saturday Post!  I hope everyone has a wonderful Simian Saturday!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Impromptu Mutant Future Session

     I got together with some friends today and we wound up playing an impromptu session of Mutant Future. They had never played it (or any P.A. RPG for that matter) before and after looking through my books wanted to give it a try (I think it was the Spider Goats that convinced them).  We only had a couple of hours to play, all of us having family stuff to do, but in that short time they got their characters made up, gear bought and while they were buying gear, I randomly rolled up the mutie monster for the evening's encounter.  (Bless you Metamorphica!) and they overcame the beast, it was a jam-packed fun couple of hours!
Anyways here's the session log!
 Mutant Future Session 1

     Merticulous the Many-Minded – Pure Strain Human with Multiple Personality Disorder, at last count it was eight distinct personalities, but who is counting,  and Lichenesandra the Mutant Plant-Rattlesnake hybrid continued on the old roadway of the Bygones, not sure what the future would bring.  They hoped to make it to the town of JymsWard within the next several days, but Merticulous was already realizing the maps his enclave's elders had let him study were old and outdated. Who knew what might lie between the duo and their destination.  Lichenesandra's two guard dogs; Oscar (green furred) and Cookie (blue furred) ran about sniffing the air for trouble. Merticulous still wasn't too sure about his new companion, that whole Fragrant Attraction thing she had going on still had him a bit apprehensive, it was how they had met, not to mention she was a snake…well a plant snake an apparently poisonous plant snake!..Anyways she did smell amazing when she wanted too. She? he guessed the snake-plant was a she, she acted like one anyways and while he was thinking about it, he'd never actually seen her mouth move when she spoke to him? Her words just came into his head..weird…putting his thoughts on to other matters, he scanned the horizon looking for trouble, adjusting his chainmail armor, was it always this hot out on the road? While holding the old shotgun in what he hoped was an intimidating looking pose.
     Lichenesandra was quite pleased with herself she had a new follower…er umm traveling companion, she had lured him too her with her perfumed scent ability but had decided he'd make a better companion than a meal, after all he had arms and hands and such and had that big gun-thing of the ancients, although she wasn't sure he was very good with it, he seemed at times to be uncertain how to even carry the thing.  She didn't think the human would be suitable for horizontal gene transfer, but to be honest so far she hadn't found anyone(thing) she thought would be suitable…oh well her dream of creating an army of lichen-snake children could wait, at least for now.
     Near dusk on the third day of the duo traveling together they spotted smoke up ahead, they discovered a campsite, and spied a lone figure staggering towards them, a humanoid in obvious distress, bloody with his left arm missing and by all the blood spurting out it was quite clearly a very recent loss.  Approaching the figure, clearly a mutant by his blue-green skin and three eyes, he gasped out concern for someone else…a warning what? Then he died.  The duo quickly looted him of his pocket of coins, but left his bloodied studded leather armor and empty sword sheath.  Lichenesandra quickly rattled her tail to trigger her echolocation ability to see what was around, both of her dogs growled at the growing shadows at the sun set.  Merticulous looked about and clutched his shotgun tightly.
 The plant-snake got a brief hit on her echolocation behind a nearby boulder just off the road something big had moved, big and fast and then it was gone…not from walking out of the range of her ability just…gone!  She telepathically told this to her human companion, he looked concerned, something dangerous was out there, dangerous and quite possibly hungry! The dogs growled even louder.
     Easing into the ruins, Lichenesandra panicked she detected the thing out there again and it was moving fast from shadowy rock to rock, she activated her Fragrant Allure ability, problem is whatever was out there resisted her Alluring scent, Merticulous and the guard dogs weren't so lucky. They quickly surrounded her in a doting, protective position.  A badly wounded mutant human staggered in from the campsite, near death it was only the alluring smell of her that gave him the strength to move.  Then out of the shadows a large coal black feline attacked the bloody newcomer, and dragged him into the darkness, his screams were cut short.  Not being what she intended at all she shut off the Fragrance ability.  Merticulous was annoyed… he didn't like the way his new companion was able to exert her influence over him.  The dogs seemed more concerned with whatever was out there than anything else.  He climbed up on top of a nearby boulder and Lichenesandra did the same, she ordered the dogs to stay, they instead ran around the base of the boulder in circles, that is until a large black tiger appeared at the base of the boulder and ripped Oscar to shreds!  Lichenesandra screamed (well hissed actually), she fired off a poisoned thorn from her rattler it missed, Merticulous let out a boom with his shotgun, he missed but it spooked the hell out of the Shadow Tiger, it disappeared into the darkness, but in its wake a glowing red sphere appeared at the base of the boulder, Cookie growled at the red sphere as it slowly started to rise.  Lichenesandra detected the tiger nearby via her echolocation, telling Merticulous where it was he lit and tossed a torch in that direction.  He saw it shy away from the torchlight.  Lichenesandra then activated her bioluminescent power to the highest range she could, illuminating the boulder they were on in eerie light. The red sphere was getting closer to them, they could feel heat coming from it.  The Shadow Tiger somehow moved behind another boulder into deeper darkness. Lichenesandra fired off another thorn and missed, she was down to her last two for the day.  Merticulous tossed a torch over in that direction but it bounced off a rock and missed his intended spot.  Realizing the red sphere couldn't mean anything good, Merticulous quickly got to the opposite side of the boulder. Just then the sphere exploded in a fireball-like explosion. Cookie was barbecued!, Merticulous was unscathed shielded by the rock and Lichenesandra took some nasty burn damage. The Shadow Tiger was preparing to make its move, but so was Lichenesandra moving to a better position she fired off another thorn, this time hitting its mark, the beast was badly injured her poison clearly didn't agree with the beast, that with her bioluminescence ability and Merticulous' clever use of torches and noisy shotgun caused the beast to flee into the darkness to live to fight another day.
They climbed down and searched the wrecked campsite. All of the bodies were equipped very similarly; perhaps they were part of a militia or something?
Treasure Gained:
A poor quality map of the area JymsWard is marked on it along with the apparently nearby village of Pontotoc Ridge.  Course there's that drawing of a big scorpion between the two communities.  Duct tape, broken shotgun (useful for spare parts), wineskin of rotgut whiskey, rations, studded leather armor, machete (1d6 damage), 6 shotgun shells. 50 gold coins.

They both had a great time and so did I, afterwards I had to ask myself, why has it been so long since I've played Mutant Future, heck this blog was basically founded on a bunch of Mutant Future posts, I know part of it was finding players, most folks around here prefer Fantasy, but I think after today I won't have a problem getting some players for it, they definitely want to play it again! 

Books Used for this session:
Mutant Future, The Metamorphica
 Shadow Blast Tiger

No. Enc. : 1(1d3)
Alignment : Neutral
Movement : 150'(50)
Armor Class : 6
Hit Dice : 6
Attacks : 3 (2 claws, 1 bite) + rake*
Damage : 1d6/1d6/2d6  *Rake: if the bite attack is successful, the shadow blast tiger can make two rake attacks with its hind legs. Each attack gains an additional +3 bonus to hit and inflicts 1d4+2 damage.
Save : F4
Morale : 9
Hoard Class: VI
Mutations: Featureless Face (can use senses normally but has no visible eyes or nose), Shadow Walk (the mutant may step into one patch of darkness and step out of another (60' range), Exploding Sphere (can create a small hot exploding sphere that can be moved up to 30' away, the blast has a 40' radius (6d6 damage) and the mutant can delay the blast for 5 rds., useable 2x per day), Light Sensitivity (full daylight blinds the mutant, but it can see normally in dim lighting, attacking bright campfires or similar cause it to be -2 to attacks)
 (Extremely stealthy like a natural tiger, in dark shadowy surroundings they surprise opponents with a roll result of 1-4 on 1d6.)
 The Shadow Blast Tiger is a fearsome shadowy mutant beast of the ruins, usually found in warm climates but at times can be found in unexpected places looking for prey.  They are most active at dusk or sometimes very early dawn (if a cave is nearby) they sleep during the day in dark ruins and caves. They are usually solitary, but sometimes a mated pair with a young cub will be encountered.  While not intelligent enough to always make the most of their Exploding Sphere mutation, they are cunning beasts and will use it to soften up targets or to cover their retreat should things turn against them.