Sunday, March 12, 2023



Scorched , an apocalyptic sci fi rpg from Bloat Games. 

"This game is based on the simple concept, "What if Luke never left Tatooine?"

It's definitely heavily Star Wars inspired with a side of Mad Max thrown in for good measure."

I picked this one up awhile back, haven't had a chance to use it in a game/campaign yet.  Was moving some books around in my game room and rediscovered it.  Good stuff.  I need to work this into my gaming rotation.

New Campaign Begins!

 We started a new D&D game last night, we had decided on this campaign before all the OGL garbage from certain Corporate Overlords of the Coast.  I will not be promoting that company on my blog moving forward. Oh and that's a Goodman Games 3.x era DM Screen in the background. However, I can share picture highlights from last night's session.  I don't see my self posting regular session logs, but some of you may enjoy the terrain and minis.  


The Logger Camp, young goatmen attack the camp shortly after the arrival of our heroes.

The Goatmen are defeated, but our heroes are seriously injured. 

The party plots their next move

Crotchety dwarf NPC Krag Kraghammer and his pony Wart, Exit Stage left!  

A mysterious statue is found deep within the forest!

Saturday, March 11, 2023

Happy Simian Saturday!

 Haven't posted much lately, to be honest other than some occasional Instagram gaming posts, I've pretty much quit Social Media, News Media, I never had a Twitter account, and I deleted Facebook years ago etc... anyway, hope everyone is doing well.   We have a game tonite.  Should be fun, maybe I'll used my special D20 gifted to me by my wife...  

"Dismembered by Yeti!" now that's a solid roll!!!

Happy Simian Saturday, and for the curious, yes those are a couple of old toys from my childhood, seems I've been a fan of Apes since I was a little tyke. The Yeti is from classic (bearded) G. I. Joe, the gorilla may be as well or a Big Jim set, don't remember. 

Friday, March 10, 2023

Don't be Crabby!


Don't be Crabby the Weekend is here!!

Hope everyone is doing well, and you get some gaming in this weekend!  

Here are two nicely sculpted Crab men from Reaper Minis, I really like these.  Need to get them painted.  I definitely have a place I can use them in my newly started D&D game.