Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Latest Acquisitions... no gaming.  : (
So I did the best I could, I stopped by the game shop on the way home from the office. I haven't been by there in awhile. I was surprised to see all of the new releases on the shelves.  They had a TON of new Pathfinder stuff.  While I find the system to be a bit rules heavy for my DMing style, I've got to give the Paizo folks credit for some top notch looking production values.  I resisted picking up alot of cool stuff, but I did snag a couple of items that were on sale!!
First up...
The Noble Wild a 3rd Party sourcebook for the Pathfinder RPG.  This provides you with rules to play animal PC's, no not anthropomorphic animals but actual animals!  Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh My!
Noble versions of normal animals, they look like their regular kin but have the intelligence of humans (or better). There are a ton of animals in here, 70 or so I believe.  I think this is a pretty cool idea.  If I ever get around to playing Pathfinder again I may have to see if the DM will let me play something from this!  How about a Rabbit Wizard! ...imagine the scene..goblins come upon a small cute fuzzy bunny in the middle of a corridor.."Ugh, Ugh look Stinko lunch!"..the rabbit twitches its whiskers and suddenly a fireball roasts the goblin band!  Oh or how about a Spellcasting Parrot! "Polly want a ...ZAP!" Mwha ha ha!!  The book might not be for everyone, but if your looking for something off the beaten path so to speak you might want to check it out. 
Next up...

Monsters & Treasure of Aihrde
A monster book (with some magic treasures) for the Castles & Crusades RPG.
I've gotta admit I'm a sucker for Monster books.  I love 'em. System doesn't even usually matter to me, there is always an idea in there I can use.  I've only skimmed this book so far, but I like it.  As I said it is for the C&C system, which means the beasties are quite easy to use with any of the retro-clones out there.  But you know what? C&C is a great game in and of itself.  I haven't talked about it in awhile, but it is one of the RPG's that I have most enjoyed running over the past several years.  Oh, sorry I'm rambling.  Anyways back to this book, Aihrde is the default setting/world for C&C, but the monsters in here can be easily used anywhere.  This also isn't just a rehash of the same old same old either, their are some new and interesting beasties in here that I have not seen before, and I've seen alot of beastie books in my day. 
 Well gonna crash got another hectic day at work tomorrow.
Good Gaming -B

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Simian Saturday Bonus!

 While poking around on the 'net I stumbled across a freebie for the Pathfinder RPG.  I do believe I've found the next race I want to play whenever I get to play Pathfinder again. Check it out : Races of Atland : Simian   from Robertson Games.  There is a 4E Version as well, but 4E just isnt' for me. 
There seems to be alot of cool stuff out or due out soon for Pathfinder...must resist..temptation...must...
Oh who am I kidding!  LOL
Good Gaming - B.

Happy Simian Saturday!

As dated as some folks may claim, my favorite King Kong movie is still the classic original!  As a kid I wanted to be Ray Harryhausen when I grew up.  I spent many an hour with my Marx Dinosaur playset having my various gorilla toys battle it out in a prehistoric world. 

I must admit I was a bit disappointed in the Peter Jackson remake, seemed to me that too much of the movie was about Jack Black's character, I did enjoy the Kong-T-Rex battle scenes however.
I hope your Simian Saturday is a good one!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Herculoids AD&D Style!

I recently came across a post by Malcadon linking to a site that has some AD&D conversions for critter from the Herculoids cartoon.  Love that show!
So I thought I'd share the link with you Old School folks that might not be aware of it!
Herculoids: The AD&D Files
Excellent fodder for your Gamma World, Planet Algol, Labyrinth Lord or Mutant Future Campaigns!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day to all the Gamer Dads!

Just wanted to take the time out to wish all the Gamer Dads out there a Happy Father's Day.  My son graduated from High School this year, still hard for me to believe.  I'm proud of him as I know all of you dads are proud of your sons & daughters.  My two girls are growing up fast as well, but they've got a few more years with us.  So for those of you with kids still at home, stop and take the time to give 'em a hug and roll some dice with them.  You won't regret it!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Simian Saturday

Here's a Classic Gold Key Comic; Mighty Samson. Good fodder for your P.A. Games.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Simian Saturday

 I've still been swamped at work and school, missed some other gaming opportunities this week, but hopefully it will be worth it when I graduate in the Fall.  Don't know about elswhere but the economy is still pretty bad around these parts, in spite of what "They" are saying.
My buddy Joe stepped in and sent me the below picture for Simian Saturday!
Thanks Joe!

Maybe Iron Man 3 will have Rocket Apes in it!  ; )

Monday, June 7, 2010

Latest Acquisitions...Bargains!!

     Here's the latest additions to my RPG collection.  All three of the above were acquired at bargain prices!  I know the systems are all over the place, guess I'm just an eclectic gamer!  Everstone is one I had not heard of before, until I saw Tetsubo talk about it over on his Youtube Channel.  It is d20 based, specifically off of the BESM d20 system. While lately I have shied away from 3.x based games this one looked pretty interesting and I couldn't resist the price.  $5 bucks!  That's right I picked this up for only $5 and its a hardback book.  The art is pretty good, and the whole setting has some cool features to it, reminds me in some ways of the Eberron setting, but I like this setting better than Eberron. Anyways check out Tetsubo's post if you want more info about it, he goes into a pretty detailed review of the game.  Next is the Basic Roleplaying System Core Rulebook, AncientVaults hooked me up with this copy for a great price.  I haven't had time to really read much of it, but it looks like a pretty solid system and I saw where there is a recently released P.A. Campaign released for BRP called Rubble & Ruin, so I may have to check that out.  Finally I recently found the Savage Worlds pre-Explorer's edition of 50 Fathoms in the bargain bin at my FLGS.  One of my gaming buds (Derelict Man) gave it a good review and for the price I had to pick it up.  I am glad I did.  It's a great book, awesome resource for Savage Worlds. Now I've just got to find the time to play some of these games.  *sigh*
Good Gaming -B

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sorcery & Super Science!

Looks like there are more and more Post Apocalyptic RPG's coming out these days. I just stumbled across this today to be put out by Expeditious Retreat Press (they've done some good stuff in the past so I'm hopeful).  I have no idea what mechanic it will be using.  Here's the blurb about it:

"After the cracking of the moon and before the rise of Atlantis the world was a place strange to the thoughts of honest men. The death throes of science amid the birth of magic sculpted new generations of conquerors who strode the lands forging civilizations of steel, sinew, and sorcery from the decrepit hulks of the ones that fell before. Tyrannical wizards, amoral super-scientists, charismatic catalysts, and multifarious mutants battled for wealth, power, and honor. It was ten thousand years of barbarity; ten thousand years spent in the shadowy shells of past glories, hiding from horrible creatures that scratched and skittered for blood; ten thousand years of tyranny and injustice, ten thousand years of Sorcery & Super Science!" 

 I'm also pleased to have learned that the Darwin's World Savage Worlds conversion is still a go, no release date yet, but I've been looking forward to this coming out for awhile. Darwin's World is a great game, the second edition was done up for D20 Modern and is very well done.  I've just found myself shifting to more simplified game systems these days. Plus many of my gaming buds are into Savage Worlds.  Now if we could just get a new edition of Savage Worlds : Hell on Earth!
I'm also privy to some other upcoming P.A. RPG releases from some other folks (Not-Savage Worlds related), can't say anything right now, but some more good stuff is a coming!  ; )
It's a great time to be a P.A. gamer!

Simian Saturday Meets Shatnerday!

 I want to apologize for my lack of posts and minimal content of late, one work and school are kicking my butt, and two I have been pretty sick with the crud of late, I even missed out on a chance to play Savage Worlds the other night.  AARGH!
But the Simian Saturdays MUST go on!  Here is a combo, celebrating Simian Saturday and Shatnerday!