Sunday, June 26, 2022

D&D 5E Campaign The Humble Travelers Session 8


     I'm a few sessions behind posting about our 5E Campaign, we had session 8 last night (9 if you count Session Zero).  We had a lot of fun.  This one was a lot of combat!  Session 7 was all role-play and interactions, leading up to this one, a big fight with Morlock infested tunnels.  I had to put my DM Dice in the Time out/Dunce Hat chair, I kept rolling 1's and 2's.  The party lost a brave henchman, err I mean Henchgnome...Selby the Rock Gnome was felled by Giant Roaches ! Ewww after he had bravely held the line against multiple Morlocks.  Eventually the party was triumphant, though almost all were seriously hurt and had burned through most of their spells.  The party has accomplished a great deal during the campaign so far. They reached level 5 by end of the night.  

The Entrance to the Morlock Tunnels....danger and death await!!
Selby the Rock Gnome (RIP) and Aldebaran the Sorcerer

Sunday, June 12, 2022

Love & Monsters


     Picked this up in the discounted DVD bin at the place that shall not be named "W".  I know the movie came out awhile ago, but I don't really go to the movies anymore and we purged majority of our pay TV Subscription channel stuff. The missus and I do more reading, gaming and yard stuff these days, TV just isn't our thing anymore. But to get back on topic, watched this one last night and really enjoyed it. The gamer in me found it to be loaded with usable gaming content, giant bugs and creepy crawlers!  Oh yeah! I can get behind that! Perfect inspiration for your Post Apocalyptic mutant bugs, or giant insect threats for your fantasy games! Plus the story-line in the movie was fun as well.  

Good Gaming! -B.B.