Saturday, August 19, 2023

Black Star RPG - The Crew: Wyatt


Name: Wyatt Cole

Species: Human

Archetypes: Tech, Fringer

Resolve 7

Wealth 0

Blasting 2                   Brawling 2

Diplomacy 1              Discipline 3

Instinct 2                    Intellect 2

Speed 1                      Strength 2

Tools 3                       Transports 2



● Tech


● Fringer



Flaw: Heartbroken: Grieving the loss of his wife and daughter, he has not yet found a way to fully move on with his life

Bonus Talent: Improvise


Link: A personal communicator, computer, and holoviewer.

Pulse Pistol

Bonding Tape

Deck of Cards




     Wyatt lived out on the Fringe of settled space his entire life. He never aspired of being anything other than a hard worker, a husband, and a father.  From an early age he found he had a knack with tools and tech. Being able to jury rig functioning gear from what others considered junk, never made him rich but it made him a living. He was content, with his small home, his wife and his young daughter, life was not too bad.  That all changed when the local crime baron learned of his talents. The baron seized his humble shop and demanded he work for the baron, at first, he managed it, but as the demands grew and he realized they were hurting innocent people, he quietly rebelled, he began to sabotage the gear and equipment he was charged with working on and repairing, this worked for a while, but eventually his actions were discovered. The baron decided to make an example of Wyatt, things went awry and in the aftermath Wyatt’s wife and daughter were killed, along with several of the baron’s enforcers sent to make an example of this willful Fringer.  Wyatt was locked up and was basically waiting to die.  Cyrha was in the cell next to him and sensed his grief and despair, she worked to convince him he still had a purpose and a reason to exist.  When Kasra freed Cyrha, she insisted they free Wyatt as well, reluctantly Kasra agreed.  While Wyatt is still wracked with grief over the loss of his family, he is trying to find a new purpose in his existence and to do something that would make his wife and daughter proud of him. While not always sure about Kasra, Wyatt is protective of Cyrha, and while nothing could ever replace his family, he does feel an almost familial bond with her and a growing respect for Kasra. 

Black Star RPG - The Crew: Cyrha



Name: Cyrha Genesee

Species: Ohlani

Archetypes: Fringer, Psychic

Resolve 7

Psi Points 6

Wealth 0

Blasting 1                  Brawling 1  

Diplomacy 3              Discipline 3

Instinct 2                    Intellect 3

Speed 2                      Strength 1

Tools 1                        Transports 1


● Fringer

Beneath Notice

● Psychic

  Psychic Powers:

                Telepathy 2

                Tamper 2

                Mind Blast

*Flaw: Flashbacks: She has flashbacks of the destruction of her village and the murder of her parents. They were destroyed due to their innate Psychic abilities.



Link: A personal communicator, computer, and holoviewer.

Pulse Pistol

Link Jammer



          Cyrha was born on the temperate world of Ohlan. Ohlan was a garden world of temperate climes, captivating landscapes, and beautiful forests.  That all changed when the Imperials came.  Most Ohlani possess innate psychic powers, and while they practiced a life of peace and harmony with their environment, the Imperials considered them a threat.  The assault on the Ohlani homeworld was quick and brutal.  Only a few thousand Ohlani escaped and now live as refugees on other worlds.  Cyrha, was 8 years old when the Imperials came.  She still has flashbacks of the death of her parents and total annihilation of her village. Ohlan is an uninhabitable wasteworld now.  Cyrha grew up to join the Resistance, using her psychic abilities to spy on and subvert the tyrannical regime, but when her rebel cell was destroyed and she was captured by a corrupt Crime Baron, she thought her life was over. While locked up she befriended a fellow prisoner, another Fringer named Wyatt, she sensed the grief and despair within him and realized she could still help others. Then unexpectedly, Kasra, one of her captors freed her, she insisted they free Wyatt as well, and the small group have been on the run ever since.  Cyrha does not necessarliy want to feel a bond with Kasra, but she has seen into his mind and knows deep down he is not evil. She sees Wyatt as a dear uncle like figure that she thinks the world of, although she worries about his deep moments of melancholy and sadness. 

*Note: I used the Flaw rules in the companion and allow characters that select a Flaw to gain a Bonus Talent. 

Black Star RPG - The Crew: Kasra Voth

 One of the first things I do when learning/studying a new RPG, even a rules lite one is to make up a character.  Thus, Kasra Voth came into existence, I also made up his alien race kind of on the fly, the Xaeksians, a race of humanoid aliens, from a stormy, cloud heavy moon, giving them the innate Talent of Night Vision.  


Name: Kasra Voth

Species: Xaeksian

Archetypes: Outlaw, Soldier

Resolve 7

Wealth 0

Blasting 3                   Brawling 2  

Diplomacy 1              Discipline 1

Instinct 2                    Intellect 2

Speed 3                      Strength 2

Tools 2                        Transports 2





Quick Draw

(Species Talent) Night Vision

Flaw: Secret- Kasra once provided information to the Authorities, betraying certain Underworld elements to save his own hide, he hopes this betrayal never comes to light.

(Bonus Talent) Thief


Link: A personal communicator, computer, and holo-viewer.

Pulse Pistol



Pulse Rifle

Survival Kit

      Kasra is from the polluted, dark and storm clouded moon of Xaeksa 4. He grew up in the urban underbelly of the moon’s main starport, and was orphaned at an early age (his parents were allegedly Rebel sympathizers and were taken away by Imperial Authorities never to be seen again).  He turned to a life of crime to support himself, and grew up hating the Imperials, his parents, and the Rebels.   He was a decent enough thief, and outlaw, and found he had a talent for fighting as well.  Working as an enforcer in the criminal underworld, he was on a job that went sideways, that led to his capture by the authorities. Rather than face a lifetime of working the mines, he ratted out some high-level criminal elements, and in exchange was given a reduced sentence that allowed him to escape and flee to the Black Star Sector.  His deep fear is that the Underworld elements that he betrayed will one day learn of his betrayal and come to seek vengeance.  He spent time working as a soldier in a local baron’s garrison for a time, but when the baron captured and was going to hand over Cyrha, a suspected Resistance Operative to the Imperium, he found himself having a crisis of conscious and helped Cyrha escape, now they have fled Baron’s forces and find themselves out on their own, unlikely partners trying to survive.   

Note- I'm considering using Wretched Space as Campaign Inspiration, Black Star has a "not" Star Wars vibe, which is cool, but I may end up using some of the options from the Wretched Space setting.  May change this moving forward, we shall see...
Oh, and the image is AI art that I generated.  I'm no artist, but I like having visual representations when I can. 

Friday, August 18, 2023

Have a Black Star Weekend!

 Happy Friday Everyone!!

I got an unexpected treat in the mail this week.  

My buddy Matt sent me the print version of Black Star, you can't tell from the picture, but it is a digest sized book, could just about fit in your pocket! Fun!  Thanks Matt you rock!  

It's been a busy week so haven't had time to do anything gaming related, but hopefully this weekend!

I wish you all a great and blessed weekend! Do something fun! play some games, hang out with friends and family! Enjoy the weekend! You earned it! 

Sunday, August 13, 2023

Black Star RPG


     Thanks to a friend, I recently became aware of the Black Star RPG from LakeSide Game. This is a rules lite Space Opera RPG, with a good bit of a certain "War in the Stars" with the serial numbers filed off thrown into the very loose setting.  Those who read my blog know I've been on a Sci Fi kick for a bit, even though up until recently I had an active 5E Campaign going, I still want to play some Sci Fi!  With my work/life schedule, I've had to put my face-to-face game on hiatus, so I've been looking at trying more Solo, especially Sci Fi Solo.  Given that rolls in Black Star are player facing, this system seems perfectly suited for Solo play, although it looks like it will work just fine for group play as well.  

Here is the official blurb about the game,"Darkness has fallen over the galaxy. The once-noble Galactic Imperium now serves only the Grand Imperator and his inner circle. But the galaxy is vast. While the core worlds may be caught in the Imperium’s grip, many more exist beyond the galactic core, in the barely charted expanse of space known as the black star sector. A haven for criminals and unsavory characters of every stripe, the black star sector is also where the resistance against the Imperium is strongest. If there is any hope of overthrowing the Imperium, the galaxy will need heroes, and those heroes will come from under a Black Star.

Black Star is a rules light sci-fi roleplaying game you can carry around in your pocket. Using the latest version of the Furious Games Engine first used in Magnum Fury and refined in Six-Gun Fury, Black Star is designed for fast play and high-flying action, perfect for classic space opera and heroic science fantasy.

While not a big PDF guy, I prefer book in hand, there is now a print version of the core rules available via lulu. There is also a companion book that was recently released adding more options to the game.

As time permits, I'm going to be trying out this ruleset in Solo mode and maybe even try some Online play?  I don't usually do online, but with this rules lite system, I may just have to take the system for a spin. More to come! 

Saturday, August 5, 2023

Conan The Barbarian new comic series


Picked up the first issue of the new Conan the Barbarian series from Titan Comics today.  Good stuff! The art reminds me of the classic Conan art from back in the day.  A great read for Conan fans and loaded with ideas to use in my Hyperborea Campaign!