Sunday, November 27, 2011

Atomic Highway : PDF for FREE!

                       That's right this Road Warrioresque RPG is now available for FREE!!! 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Simian Saturday: Space Yeti (part II)

A short while back I posted about the Space Yeti.  Thought I'd go ahead and stat the beastie up for the X-plorers RPG (edit: with a few easy tweaks the beastie will work fine in Stars Without Number also!), seemed to fit that set of rules nicely.  I borrowed some mechanics from the D20 Future RPG, namely the Space Template with some tweaking, with a healthy dose of AD&D M.M. thrown in.  I gotta say I like how this critter turned out, I've got a definate adventure idea in mind for this creature!
Space Yeti

AC 14, HD 4d6 (+4 if you are feeling extra mean), THB +4, ATT 2 claw 1d6/claw 1d6, ST 15+, MV 6/6, XP 540, No. Appearing: 1 (rarely 1-6)
Special Abilities: Optional Movement: can move at normal movement rate in zero-g environments, Dark vision (20m), Immunity to Cold, Radiation Resistance (+8 to save vs. any kind of radiation poisoning), Fire Resistance (ignores first 10 points of fire damage taken per rd.), Paralyzing Gaze (if surprises foe, a Presence save is required, if failed means victim has looked into the Space Yeti's eyes and is rigid with fright for 1d3 rds.), Vacuum Survival: can exist in zero atmosphere environments.

     These 8' tall, 300+ lb. beasts are true terrors to the space ways, considered to be a cantina legend, those who have come across the victims of a Space Yeti attack know all too well the frightening truth!

For use with the awesome Stars Without Number RPG, the stats will pretty much work as is, simply switch the AC to 6 and have victims make a Save vs. Mental Effect as opposed to a Presence save.

Simian Satuday: Gorillas in Spaaace!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving; Simian Style

I know it's not Simian Saturday but it is Thanksgiving so I figured this would be appropriate!
I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving, I had a great day with my family, miss my son who is away serving in the Marines, but I got to talk to him today!  I am truly thankful for all the great things in my life, including my Blog Buddies! You know who you are!
                                                   Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Alien Legion

It's been a wet dreary weekend around here.  One of my favorite local bookstores is going out of business, really a shame I guess internet sales and the economy were just too much for them.  I went in today to see what they had for sale.  Found a couple of trade paperbacks of Alien Legion for a good price.
Great series, perfect for inspiration for a Stars Without Number or X-plorers Campaign.  I once converted the main characters to the Alternity RPG back in the day, sadly those notes are long gone. 
Hope some of you got some gaming in this weekend!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Simian Saturday

Hope everyone has a great Simian Saturday!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

X-plorers Boxed Set Available Again!

 The limited edition X-plorers boxed set has been made available again!
You can get them at the official site while supplies last. I picked up one when they were first made available and have to say I am quite glad I did.  X-plorers is a great Sci Fi RPG, and having it in a neat old school boxed format is very cool!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Stars Without Number : Astrans


Lenses: Faith, Artistry (three quarters of Astrans are either priests or artists)
Government: Theocracy
Technology Level: 4 (but general populace/production capability TL is closer to 3, although they can produce Spike Drive Starships in limited numbers)
Motivation: Religious Pursuits
     The Astrans are a humanoid race averaging 5'6" tall with yellow skin. They are hairless, and have spatulate (toeless) feet. They have four lungs and special excretory glands in their stomachs (this additional lung capacity and system allows them to go without air for 8 + Con modifier minutes before being at risk for suffering ill effects from lack of air). They have a rigid theocratic society of priests and artists, although a rare few have risen to become powerful villains amongst not only their own people, but the galaxy at large. Psychics are not unheard of among the Astran race, although there are very few true academies present on Astra to teach a budding young psychic how to harness and control their powers. Astran society is quite rigid with little tolerance for any form of deviation. Any Astrans exhibiting such powers are carefully monitored by the religious authorities. Those Astrans that do have such powers can become quite powerful, but some have shown a predisposition to megalomania and can become a threat to themselves and those around them. The worst of these are driven into exile, often times off planet, in the hopes to purge the Astrans of their stain. Some Astran psychics have exhibited an ability dubbed Magnetokinesis: the ability to psionically manipulate metallic substances, shaping them into various forms and also includes the ability to telekinetically move metal substances from one location to another at various velocities and with varying degrees of force. These Magnetokinetics are often quite talented artists, creating some of the most beautiful metallic sculptures known, however, others have rebelled against their theocratic and controlling rulers and gone on to become would be conquerors and villains!
Astran PC's

Few Astrans leave their homeworld, most being too dedicated to their artistry or religious pursuits. They tend to be uncomfortable interacting with other races (nonbelievers) although an exiled Astran could turn up in all sorts of places. Game mechanic-wise their attributes are the same range as humans, with the addition of their ability to resist suffocation effects longer and a chance to have the powers of Magnetokinesis.

Copyright Marvel Comics, no copyright infringement is intended.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Stars Without Number : Ba-Bani


Lenses: Combative (Not Xenophobic, but have distinct regional hatreds that regularly descend into all out war)
Government: Local militaristic dictatorships
Technology Level: 3 (but personal weapons and body armor are TL: 4 in many cases)
Motivation: Domination (rival clans and groups strive to dominate other Ba-Bani groups through warfare).

     The Ba-Bani are an alien race of humanoids very similar to humans, with yellow skin and orange to yellow hair. They are the same general height as humans, although they are leaner and more muscular, out of shape Ba-Bani are not acceptable members of their society. Some human scientists have theorized they are descended from genetically engineered human stock, tailored to be soldiers for some ancient forgotten group. Indeed the races proclivity to divide into groups and wage war on one another, yet having no additional animosity towards other races does give this some merit. However, if an outsider identifies himself as a member/ally of one of the opposed groups he is fair game. The Ba-Bani hotly deny this theory saying they are an independently evolved race, that is they deny it if you can get them to stop fighting one another long enough to comment. Many pirates and slavers have learned the hard way to leave the Ba-Bani alone, there have been reports of pirates attempting to take advantage of the Ba-Bani during one of their many wars, thinking that the Ba-Bani with their "lower" tech level and "weakened state" due to war would be easy pickings, the Ba-Bani when attacked like this quickly stop fighting each other and go full out attack against the invader, after the invader etc. is repelled they resume their conlict with one another. 
     Recently a powerful human psychic called the Goddess of Peace by the Ba-Bani has come to their world and for the first time in centuries an extended period of peace has ensued. While there are still some isolated rebels and rogue clans fighting, for the most part the world is at peace, all thanks to their goddess; Moondragon. Many Ba-Bani do indeed worship her as a true goddess.

Adventure Seeds

The party is approached at a Starport by a Ba-Bani, he says his people have been enslaved by a crazed psychic that dominates his leaders through the power of her mind, he begs for their help.

The party is approached by a robed alien (race determined by needs of GM), he tries to hire them to kidnap a rogue psychic hiding out in a temple on the planet Ba-Banis who is wanted for crimes against his people. He is actually an agent for the Deonists and is trying to get the party to do his dirty work.

A weapons dealer (smuggler) seeks to hire the party to transport a shipment of weapons to the Ba-Bani, they are always in the market for better ways to fight each other, although they tend to shy away from weapons of a massive destructive scale.

A desperate Ba-Bani female approaches the group and states that her people's goddess of peace, the Moondragon has been kidnapped by alien slavers and her people are desperate for her return! Slavers are taking her to the Deonists who seek her psychic essence to power their dying world!
Ba-Bani are copyright Marvel Comics, no copyright infringement is intended!
First Appearance: Avengers I#219 (May, 1982)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Star Trek /Legion of Super Heroes!

 I recently posted about a new limited series Star Trek/Legion of Super Heroes Mash up.  I picked up the second issue today.
I love the little tidbits they drop about this new Universe, just want to know more about it than what has been revealed so far.  : )
Check out the Controllers negotiating with the Organians or the Klingons vs. the Khunds, or Tyrraz; homeworld of the Borg!
      Good stuff! 
Now thrown in my recent Marvel Aliens write ups for Stars Without Number and that is one wild Campaign Setting!....ok I'll go sit down now.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Stars Without Number : Levians

Lenses: Indolent, Irresponsible
Government: Democratic Republic lead by a "First Citizen"
Technology Level: 4 (but declining, no Spike Drive technology)
Motivation: Hedonistic, Decadent
     Levians are a humanoid race, very similar to humans in appearance and body structures save for their blue skin and different range of hair colors. Levians are the epitome of hedonists, being perhaps one of the most indolent races in the galaxy. After depleting their planet of magma and resources, the Levians sent a fraction of their population aboard a starship to survive their world's imminent destruction. The survivors continued their wasteful ways and now live out their lives aboard their crippled, drifting worldship; The Levianon, served by robot minions that they no longer know how to repair.

Player Character Levians should only be allowed by the GM under very special circumstances. The Levian homeworld is uninhabitable and the only remaining Levians, an estimated 5 million, are on the Worldship Levianon. Stats will be the same as normal humans. Few Levians bother to actually engage themselves enough to attain a class of expert or warrior and no Levian Psychics are known to exist, they just don't have the discipline to learn how to properly use/control their abilities.


     Levians are protected by robot guardians they refer to as The Securitrons; these robot guardians are assigned to provide security aboard the Levianon. When not in use, they rest inside of Servo-Pods, emerging during a state of emergency. Over the years, the Levians have forgotten how to repair the Securitrons, resulting in their numbers slowly dwindling. The Securitrons are equipped with powerful laser rifles (1d10 damage but no burst fire), but some of these rifles are malfunctioning and no longer work.  Treat the Securitrons as Infantry Warbots per pg. 167 of the SWN Mongoose Edition rulebook (GM's option; only 1 in 6 has a functioning laser rifle).

Levians are copyright Marvel Comics, no copyright infringement intended!

Simian Saturday: Space Yeti

"The Soviet Space Program has something hairy to hide"....

Here's one from the "SyFy Channel Lost Scripts",

"Aboard a Soviet Space Shuttle, two cosmonauts hear a rumble and a thump, thump. That’s not engine trouble. They’ve accidentally picked up an intergalactic hitchhiker. Bring in Space Yeti. Lightning fast. Nine-feet tall with enough hair to survive the subzero Siberian climate and the so-frigid-it-doesn’t-even-register outer galaxy."...

Other beastie ideas can be found on the site, some (Man-eating Mustangs!) would be great for Mutant Future or other games!
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Space Station Experiment

  Thought I'd play around using Zak's Dungeon Mapping technique for a Sci Fi map.  Since I've been on a Stars Without Number kick lately figured I'd grab a Space Station map/picture off the internet and see what happened.  You never know when players will need to make a stop somewhere and a Space Station can be plopped into a random spot a bit easier than a whole new planet.
This is a work in progress, but I'm quite pleased with the how this really got my creativity going.  I've actually worked up who all these NPC's are in my mind, just from looking at the pictures and what I envisioned them being about.
Need transport out of the system fast with no questions asked? Mustang Sally is at your service!
Need to pick up some "special" weaponry that might not be quite legal?  Ibrahim Mansoor will be happy to arrange a trade while sipping on his tea.
Looking for a little companionship? Head over to the Coilhouse, there are some very "nice" ladies along that corridor.
Just don't get on the wrong side of Arioch the Gengineered (Bat DNA) Chief of Station Security.
And then there's Mother One the A.I. that keeps "her" eyes on everything while making sure the station runs smoothly and efficiently in spite of its age.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Simian Saturday: POTA

 Here's one sent to me by Tetsubo, well done classic POTA painting by artist Jason Edmiston.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Stars Without Number (Mongoose Edition)

I got a package in the mail today, still being on a Sci Fi kick, I recently ordered the Mongoose Publishing hard back edition of the awesome Stars Without Number RPG. This has everything from the original edition, plus rules for A.I. player characters, additional Society tables and tags, and Mechs! 

Some have balked at the $40 price, but I picked it up on Amazon with Free Shipping so that helped.  I'm happy to have this as part of my collection.  Hoping to run some Sci Fi games when my group wraps up our Castles & Crusades Campaign.  Darn Gamer ADD! ; )