Sunday, November 20, 2011

Alien Legion

It's been a wet dreary weekend around here.  One of my favorite local bookstores is going out of business, really a shame I guess internet sales and the economy were just too much for them.  I went in today to see what they had for sale.  Found a couple of trade paperbacks of Alien Legion for a good price.
Great series, perfect for inspiration for a Stars Without Number or X-plorers Campaign.  I once converted the main characters to the Alternity RPG back in the day, sadly those notes are long gone. 
Hope some of you got some gaming in this weekend!


  1. Ran this background with Marvel Superheroes years ago. Well, really a mix of Alien Legion and Star Frontiers background.
    There's some really cool ideas to work with.

  2. I can't state enough how much I am a fan of Alien Legion. Nice find, but like you said, too bad about a local bookage shutting its doors.

  3. Always sad to see a good bookstore go under :|

  4. You know I'm a fan of this series! This is my go to hard science background for any number of games! Excellent find man!

  5. I used to love the Alien Legion. I read a lot of it. Great stuff.

  6. Thanks everyone,
    I still haven't picked up the Alien Legion Omnibus #2 yet, so many books so little money!
    We are losing more and more bookstores in these parts, really sad. I think we are down to two decent sized ones when you used to have too many to count just a few years ago.