Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Stars Without Number (Mongoose Edition)

I got a package in the mail today, still being on a Sci Fi kick, I recently ordered the Mongoose Publishing hard back edition of the awesome Stars Without Number RPG. This has everything from the original edition, plus rules for A.I. player characters, additional Society tables and tags, and Mechs! 

Some have balked at the $40 price, but I picked it up on Amazon with Free Shipping so that helped.  I'm happy to have this as part of my collection.  Hoping to run some Sci Fi games when my group wraps up our Castles & Crusades Campaign.  Darn Gamer ADD! ; )


  1. The mongoose edition has Mechs?! I know what my November book will be.

  2. I have the Lulu hardback version of SWN, but this keeps calling my name...maybe if I'm good Santa will bring me one.

  3. My wallet is sad to see that I am now interested in this game. I really liked the psionics system they used in this. I just can't swing this at the moment. I just bought a house.

  4. BLUsKrEEm, its not a large section but they are in there.
    Ryan, I have the Lulu hardback also, but still couldn't resist this, figure the Lulu one will be a great reference for my players, while I use the big Mongoose one! : )
    Tetsubo, congrats on the home! I used my Warlords of the Apocalypse refund to buy this one. The psionics system is great, SWN just really hits my sweet spot for Sci Fi gaming.