Saturday, November 26, 2011

Simian Saturday: Space Yeti (part II)

A short while back I posted about the Space Yeti.  Thought I'd go ahead and stat the beastie up for the X-plorers RPG (edit: with a few easy tweaks the beastie will work fine in Stars Without Number also!), seemed to fit that set of rules nicely.  I borrowed some mechanics from the D20 Future RPG, namely the Space Template with some tweaking, with a healthy dose of AD&D M.M. thrown in.  I gotta say I like how this critter turned out, I've got a definate adventure idea in mind for this creature!
Space Yeti

AC 14, HD 4d6 (+4 if you are feeling extra mean), THB +4, ATT 2 claw 1d6/claw 1d6, ST 15+, MV 6/6, XP 540, No. Appearing: 1 (rarely 1-6)
Special Abilities: Optional Movement: can move at normal movement rate in zero-g environments, Dark vision (20m), Immunity to Cold, Radiation Resistance (+8 to save vs. any kind of radiation poisoning), Fire Resistance (ignores first 10 points of fire damage taken per rd.), Paralyzing Gaze (if surprises foe, a Presence save is required, if failed means victim has looked into the Space Yeti's eyes and is rigid with fright for 1d3 rds.), Vacuum Survival: can exist in zero atmosphere environments.

     These 8' tall, 300+ lb. beasts are true terrors to the space ways, considered to be a cantina legend, those who have come across the victims of a Space Yeti attack know all too well the frightening truth!

For use with the awesome Stars Without Number RPG, the stats will pretty much work as is, simply switch the AC to 6 and have victims make a Save vs. Mental Effect as opposed to a Presence save.


  1. Thanks guys! : )
    I gotta admit being torn between wanting to run a Stars Without Number Campaign or an X-plorers Campaign, both are great at what they do but each has a different feel, although a mish mash of the two is also possible...