Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Space Station Experiment

  Thought I'd play around using Zak's Dungeon Mapping technique for a Sci Fi map.  Since I've been on a Stars Without Number kick lately figured I'd grab a Space Station map/picture off the internet and see what happened.  You never know when players will need to make a stop somewhere and a Space Station can be plopped into a random spot a bit easier than a whole new planet.
This is a work in progress, but I'm quite pleased with the how this really got my creativity going.  I've actually worked up who all these NPC's are in my mind, just from looking at the pictures and what I envisioned them being about.
Need transport out of the system fast with no questions asked? Mustang Sally is at your service!
Need to pick up some "special" weaponry that might not be quite legal?  Ibrahim Mansoor will be happy to arrange a trade while sipping on his tea.
Looking for a little companionship? Head over to the Coilhouse, there are some very "nice" ladies along that corridor.
Just don't get on the wrong side of Arioch the Gengineered (Bat DNA) Chief of Station Security.
And then there's Mother One the A.I. that keeps "her" eyes on everything while making sure the station runs smoothly and efficiently in spite of its age.


  1. Thanks everyone! It was fun and really didn't take to long to do.

  2. I wanna see this Zak guy's Dungeon Mapping technique. WHERE IS THIS ZAK GUY'S DUNGEON MAPPING TECHNIQUE?!

  3. Hey Dr. Rotwang, it over on the Playing D&D with Porn Stars blog. ; )