Saturday, November 25, 2023

Happy Simian Saturday

 Haven't done a Simian Saturday in ages, so to make up for that, I thought I would post some A.I. generated images I worked up recently for your enjoyment!

Need Lego to actually do these for real, I'm a sucker for Lego Minifigs!  Have a great Simian Saturday!! 

Faster Than Light: NOMAD


I'm a big fan of Stellagama Publishing's products.  Omer Golan-Joel does great work. So, when I saw he recently posted about a new upcoming Sci Fi RPG, my interest was immediately sparked! I find myself drawn to lighter rules systems these days. I just don't have the freetime I used to have to work up detailed stat blocks for NPCs etc. What Omer describes for FTL:Nomad sounds right up my alley.  More to come!!

Sunday, November 12, 2023

Troopers RedHack


     I've been on a bit of a Military Sci Fi kick lately.  Gaming-wise, I was recently posting about and looking at BlackStar, which is a fun rules lite Space Opera Sci Fi RPG, but it is very much a Star Wars with the serial numbers filed off game/setting.  Not that I consider that a bad thing, but those of you who know me, know that I love post-apocalyptic RPG's and I recently found a OSR game that allows me to run a Military Sci Fi game with P.A. elements or whatever else I want to throw into the mix! I'm talking about:  Troopers RedHack!  You can easily see the B/X elements of this one, and author Pertros Moros designed the game to allow you to use modules and adventures from your gaming library. Petros has used Mutant Crawl Classics adventures along with OSE adventures and other systems, just tweaking some things to fit into the Troopers setting. 

     Troopers RedHack, is a classless system, allowing players to create the kind of character (Trooper) that they want to play.  Wanna be a Combat Medic skilled in Guerilla Fighting or even a Psionic Trooper? easy peasy! The game is humancentric, although you can be an android and working up an alien pc looks pretty easy if you wanted to houserule some into the game.  There is a default setting loosely baked into the game, but you can easily tweak/adjust or do your own thing, which I love. The print book is even digest sized which is awesome!  

     Troopers RedHack has a nice Appendix N, and while I had read many of the books listed many I have not, so I've been picking those up and reading them to get me in the Military Sci Fi mindset. 

Some of my resent reading material, some are from recommendations from the book, others I just wanted to reread that seemed to fit the vibe I was interested in right now. 

      I also recently picked up the Aliens Colonial Marines Technical Manual! This should be a nice resource for my campaign. Not that I am planning to go full blown ALIENS, but the Colonial Marines gear, general info, etc. should be a cool resource to help me fill in a few details to the Troopers Campaign. 

Well, that's all for now, I hope to post more about this game soon.  Work has kept me pretty busy of late, hope you can get some gaming time in, enjoy time with friends and family!

-Good Gaming  B.B.