Sunday, February 5, 2023

Random Faction Generator


Table Elements are song titles from Heavy Metal bands

Original idea taken from  4d20 Faction Generator | STATIONS (

Here are a couple of sample factions I generated just for fun.

 Black Sunrise- This Faction seeks to bring about the Sunset Over the Empire both metaphorically and unknown to the lower ranking members literally.  They seek to weaken and diminish The Empire but their true goal is to blot out the sun and herald in a new age of darkness.  Their power center is a dark citadel where angels fear to fly! For within this stronghold they possess the Chains of Misery, which they have used to imprison an angelic being.  What the lower rank and file of the faction don't know is that the faction is controlled by a cabal of powerful vampires. These vampires have imprisoned an angel using the Chains of Misery and feed off the celestial being's blood in order to give them greater power and dominance.  They want to shroud the entire Empire in darkness and rule over the mortals as gods.  The faction symbol is a black sunrise .

 The Last Candle-   This faction is a secretive sect sworn to seek out and destroy the vampires and other undead menaces that have risen to power throughout The Empire.  Within their sacred temple called Mourning Hall they train, plan and send out strike teams led by specially trained and bred wolves, skilled at hunting vampires and other undead.  The temple is called Mourning Hall in that they mourn the loss of the faction's original founder an angel. The members of The Last Candle have no idea the angel still lives and is imprisoned and tortured daily by  the vampiric leaders of The Black Sunrise.  The faction symbol is a lone candle (defiantly shining a light in the darkness).