Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Scumbags of Steel Haven

After reading about Venger's recent 5E game, I got a little inspired to work up a little post of my own sort of adding on to what he described was happening in his campaign world.  Venger, I hope you don't mind me playing in your sandbox a little bit. 
 : )

Chaos in Steel Haven
Things were moving quickly, the kingdom of Steel Haven would surely soon be erupting into anarchy!  King Torvil Lionheart was slain, murdered by a band of so-called adventurers he had hired to acquire him yet another magical blade, a flaming sword, that very sword had apparently been used to behead the tyrannical but affable king. 
Now was the time to act, while things were still in chaos...

The Velvet Bishop would no doubt be making his move,
  or even worse that crazy wizard Delgado
the time to act was now...
 Niamh the Seductress of Ashurr
      Niamh quickly assembled her band of misfits, she would have preferred a more skilled (and reliable, not to mention hygienic) group for this task, but time wasn't an option.  While the castle was in chaos and the guards were distracted Niamh gathered the band of riff raff that she had available, scouring the jails and cells below the castle she found what she was looking for...mostly, offering them their freedom in exchange for performing a mission for her, they agreed (more or less), grabbing what gear was available (some of their previous equipment was still stored nearby) and without further delay Niamh sent them into the deeper dungeons below Steel Haven Castle...
"The Scumbags of Steel Haven" well they would prefer to be called Raiders but...

 Anton Bal (always wears creepy corpse paint) Human Necromancer Background: Acolyte  Trinket: The shell of an egg painted with scenes of human misery in disturbing detail
Criminal Record: Public Creepiness, Practicing Ritual Sacrifice without a license, Conducting Religious Services without proper clerical authority, Hate Crimes, Arson, Assault, Kidnapping, Grave Robbing
 Bhrun  (has made a hobby of beating urchins in dark alleys) Human Fighter Background: Criminal-Enforcer Trinket: A pair of old socks
 Criminal Record: Disorderly Conduct, Public Drunkenness, Assault & Battery, Aggravated Assault  & Battery, Especially Aggravated Assault & Battery, Disturbing the Peace, Extortion
 Morgul  (always has a smirk, knows, in the biblical sense, all the dancers in the Lower Quarter) Human Fighter Background: Soldier-Infantry  Trinket:  A well-made and well used knife that belonged to his mother
Criminal Record: Desertion, Bigamy, Public Drunkenness, Disorderly Conduct , Cussing on the King's Birthday, Solicitation of a Clergy member (Nun), Assault & Battery
 Snaffler  (often speaks a made up language) Human Cleric of Ralishaz, Background: Charlatan, Trinket: A white sequined glove which he wears when wielding his Bar Mace
Criminal Record: Fraud, Perjury, Disturbing the Peace, Speaking a made up language on the King's Birthday, Conspiracy, Bribery, Drug (Manufacturing, Cultivation, Trafficking and Distribution), Forgery, Assault & Battery, Aggravated Assault & Battery, Public Weirdness, Impersonation of the King on his Birthday
 Spooner Spunkmire(makes constant sexual innuendos, does not seem to realize it) Halfling Stout Rogue Background: Urchin  Trinket: keeps a lucky rabbit's foot
 Criminal Record: Petty Theft, Indecent Exposure, Burglary, Public Masturbation, Excessive Nose-Picking, Pick Pocketing while Masturbating, Public Lewdness, Conduct unbecoming of a Halfling, Vagrancy

Will the Raiders achieve their goal?  Will they turn on each other? Or will they wind up back in prison where they most likely belong?
 Now to go dig out my 5E DMG and roll up a dungeon for these Scumbags er I mean Raiders to die er... I mean pillage! 

Some of the crazy character quirks are from Adam: http://www.carpeomnis.com/2011/07/27/random-criminals/