Sunday, June 9, 2019

Survive This!! Vigilante City

I'm way behind on blogging, due to real life stuff. Awhile back I failed to mention, that I recently received the books from a kickstarter I backed. Survive This!! Vigilante City
Survive This!! Vigilante City is a fun OSR product, that is a mixture of old school D&D mechanics, and some new innovations from more modern games (a little 5E, some Black Hack etc.). The thing that excites me the most is how it reminds me of Palladium's Heroes Unlimited RPG. I mean that in a good way, one of the best (most enjoyable) campaigns (of any system/genre) that I have ever GM'd was a Heroes Unlimited Campaign. While Palladium's system no longer meets my needs, the spirit of that game can easily be found in Vigilante City. Allowing for a more approachable system while still capturing the cool elements of enabling players to create a diverse range of vigilantes (heroes). 
I'm hoping to work this one into the play rotation, but we are still playing SWN, and have a Genefunk 2090 Playtest to many games so little time. 

Monday, May 20, 2019

GeneFunk 2090

Hope I'm not posting too much about kickstarters lately, but wow there are some cool ones out there.
This next one is NOT OSR, and is in fact for 5E! I know..I know..but it is right up my alley.
Imagine Shadowrun...but instead of elves, trolls, etc.. your band was of Moreaus...err sorry I mean genetically engineered mercenaries specialized in various forms of violence and mayhem!!! Sound cool? Then check out the GeneFunk 2090 Kickstarter! It has 9 days to go and has exceeded it's pledge goals! I've backed this one and can't wait to give it a go.

Above is a sampling of the different (13) bioengineered genomes you can choose from, and I have been told the core rules will contain rules allowing you to make up your own!

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Sci Fi Sunday : StarSIEGE

How cool is this? Been a big fan of C&C since it came out, this is a new version of StarSiege (and free!), based off of Amazing Adventures. I wanted to like the original Starsiege, but it was just too different from the C&C core chassis for what my group and I were looking for. This one is much closer to my play style than the original. Looks like you will need the Amazing Adventures core rules and the companion to make full use of this supplement.  I've got a Stars Without Number Campaign going at the moment, so not sure when we will get a chance to test these out, but it is good to see the Troll Lords taking the Siege engine to the Stars!

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Space Apes!

Work has kept me busy of late, had to pause our SWN Campaign, and I missed Simian Saturday...but wanted to share this link. If you are looking for more 28mm Simians for your games this kickstarter is still currently underway. Hope everyone is having a great weekend/Mother's Day!

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Joe Kubert's Tor!

Reading some Joe Kubert's Tor on this lovely Sunday afternoon! 

Friday, April 26, 2019

Cthulhu Alphabet now on Kickstarter!

I try to avoid pushing too many Kickstarters on my blog, and try even harder to not over pledge to all the different ones out there. However, this is one I have already backed and can't wait to add to my GM library. The Cthulhu Alphabet! from Goodman Games.
I already own the Dungeon Alphabet and the Monster Alphabet books, and love them.  You might think they are strictly for DCC games, but I have successfully used them with a variety of game systems, from Labyrinth Lord to Castles & Crusades, 5E and even Mutant Future. I expect The Cthulhu Alphabet to be just as useful and versatile! 
Have a great weekend!

Saturday, April 20, 2019

SWN Session 5 - Legacy of Deceit

Session 5 Legacy of Deceit

Had Session 5 of our SWN Campaign last night. Things got crazy quickly! Giant Phase Scorpions, Qotah Oathbreakers, Weirding Modules! Then the REALLY big scorpion showed up! Had it not been for the party's psionic healer, we would have had 3 PC deaths! Oh yeah!

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Sector Cabal Sigma Faction Turn 1

Hello everyone,
I'm about 5 sessions behind on posting Session Logs..yikes.  The Cabal Sigma SWN Campaign is going well. I thought I would share some of the news casts the players got a few sessions ago based on the happenings from the faction turn.  I have set my blog to no comments. I have been getting bombarded with spam, and would rather not waste my time trying to moderate spam comments. So for now I have disabled comments. Sorry for any inconvenience. 

News Casts 

S.P.T.N. Sector Public Transmissions Network – Your Public news source for Sector Cabal Sigma- Blacktron Transgalactic will begin an urban renewal and redevelopment program designed to bring economic prosperity and improvements to Paradise City-Hyperion.  Blacktron Transgalactic Executive Spokesman Guiles de'Kaizer, "This is a great opportunity for Blacktron Transgalactic to give back to the community that has been so good to us. We are taking the innovations we have developed on Marathon and sharing them with our neighbors on Hyperion, together we are better."  Wistan Frost, son of Frost Technologies  founder Hadean Frost responded that Frost Technologies welcomes Blacktron's investments in the local community and "hopes to see the quality of life for all citizens improved, not just a few for the benefit of a public relations gimmick". 

F.B.N. -Free Broadcasting Network- In spite of attempts by The Thieves Guild to block her visit to Slough Feg, the beloved Einya the Iconic, a known sentient life-form advocate, singer and entertainer has arrived on The Thieves World of Slough Feg, after meeting with local authorities she has just announced her benefits concert for Uplifted Chimpanzees will proceed as scheduled.  Einya earlier today, "We need to do all we can to raise public awareness regarding the plight of uplifted simians on Slough Feg.... look around and you can quickly see all of the infrastructure, food, water and air is possible only due to the hard work and labors of the simians on this world, yet they do not have equal rights or fair treatment, today's benefit concert is hopefully the first of many to bring needed change to Slough Feg and all of the Thieves Worlds". 

T.W.N.N.-Thieves Worlds Network News- Due to the generosity of The Thieves Guild, in spite of the event organizers improper paperwork and lack of proper registration, the Thieves Guild recognizes, that Einya is a popular singer, and given this is the one year anniversary of the Ahab Station Disaster and the simian civil disturbances from that time, the Thieves Guild will allow the entertainment concert to continue, Thieves Worlders are reminded to recognize that Einya is an entertainer and has no formal training or experience in politics or the affairs of government and should recognize her for what she is, an outworlder with a history of contributing to public disturbances and general public misbehavior.  She should stick to entertainment and leave the affairs of government, public safety and well-being to the trained professionals.  Authorities wanted to have the event on Riot, due to its arenas and an environment more conducive to such activities, but Einya insisted the event take place on Slough Feg 

A.N.A. - Arena News Agency (a T.W.N.N.-affiliate) – This just in...we are showing actual video footage from Battle Tower Arena earlier today- you can clearly see one of the arena fighters an offworlder, stealing the popular arena Mascot, instead of returning it to its holding container the individual can be seen stashing it in his tunic. Civil Police are looking for him and his accomplices now. They were believed to have taken a shuttle to Outlaw Station. One of his travelling companions has been confirmed to be an uplifted chimpanzee.  

T.W.N.N.- Silas Dryx, former "Weatherman" of Ahab Station, and one of the few survivors of the station's destruction has just recently been released from the hospital after a long recovery from the injuries he sustained by the Simian terrorist attack against Ahab Station one year ago. He is equipped with some of the latest Cyberware developed on Xin Kowloon.  

This is G.N.N. - Galactic News Network – Given that this is the one year anniversary of the destruction of Ahab Station a known site of Simian abuse and control; we thought it appropriate to address the still orbiting wreck of Ahab Station.  A proposal has been made to rebuild the station as a memorial to all the simians killed during the uprising.  Unfortunately certain old guard members of the pro-human establishment are still around, and hope to restore the station to its former purpose, one of simian control and abuse. For now the future of the ruins of Ahab Station is locked up in the legal system.  With Slough Feg focusing so much of its resources on maintaining a livable environment, whatever, the outcome is decided it will be some time before Ahab Station is addressed in any meaningful fashion. 

Star Fox News – The Pro-Simian Concert Event has started, The Thieves Guild had requested high security, due to the nature and date of the event, but event organizers didn't want a militant presence to mar their message. Let's hope the event is a peaceful one, Einya is known for her anti-corporate demonstrations.  

---Massive Explosion in orbit above Slough Feg--- 

G.N.N. -This is GNN...Galactic News Network- We have just learned that Cleopatra Station is no more, the explosion just seen in the skies above Slough Feg was the apparent complete destruction of Cleopatra Station! No word on any survivors. Has the Thieves Guild's ongoing abhorrent treatment of our Simian Neighbors, led us to this day? Here on the exactly one year anniversary of the destruction of Ahab Station and the launch of the Simian's quest for freedom...  

Star Fox News- Cleopatra Station possibly destroyed! Is this a terrorist attack? Start of a second Ape Revolt? Or just a disaster caused by malfunctioning equipment?  Stay tuned to this station for further updates!  

F.B.N. - Free Broadcasting Network –This has been confirmed! Independent Sensor Scans have shown Cleopatra Station has been completely destroyed, some form of explosion has obliterated the station, a debris field now marks the location where this mega-corporate controlled facility once existed, we cannot verify any survivors or cause at this time. Genesis Combine the owners of the station have not yet made a public statement.  Cleopatra Station was a research facility working to genetically engineer crops that could survive in Slough Feg's harsh climate.  

T.W.N.N. - Official word from The Thieves Guild – everyone is ordered to remain calm, Patrol craft have been dispatched to Cleopatra Station. Authorities have the situation under control. We have no reason to believe the explosion on Cleopatra Station was anything more than a tragic accident. Please stay indoors and keep communication lines open and await further instructions.  

A.N.A. - Arena News Agency (T.W.N.N. affiliate)- Given the Cleopatra Station Disaster, for the safety of all Riotians all arena fights and gladiatorial events have been suspended until further notice, we will keep you informed as we know more.  

F.B.N. - Reports are coming in that security forces are being dispatched to all Simian Reservations under what authorities are calling a precautionary measure.  

T.W.N.N. - Thieves Worlds Network News-Due to the developing situation regarding Cleopatra Station, The Great Work on Gambit will be paused to assess for any risk against the advancement of The Great Work. Workers will have a 5 minute moment of silence to acknowledge the lives lost on Cleopatra Station.  

F.B.N.- THIS JUST IN! An apparent assassination attempt has just been made on the pro-simian rights performer Einya, in the chaos after the Cleopatra Station Explosion, at least two armed gunmen attempted to assassinate her! Fans of Einya, spotted the two would-be assassins and quickly subdued the individuals, reports indicate the alleged assassins possibly would have been killed by the mob were it not for the intervention of Civil Police that arrested the two would-be assassins and took them into custody.  One witness reported hearing one of the alleged attackers yell out human supremacist anti-simian slurs and spotted the notorious symbol of the K.G.P. - Knights of Genetic Purity tattooed to his shoulder.  

T.W.N.N. - Authorities continue to call for calm. The situation at the Einya Event has been contained, the performer is unharmed and the suspects involved have been arrested. There is still no proof of any connection between the Cleopatra Station Disaster and the disturbance at the Einya Event.  

Saturday, April 13, 2019

B/X Essentials

Wanted to do a quick shout out to Gavin Norman's current kickstarter B/X Essentials .  I love B/X, I started playing RPG's back in '79 and B/X era D&D will always have a special place in my gamer heart.
Gavin is a super great guy, I have had several email interactions with him and I am excited to see him fulfill his B/X vision!
Have a great weekend!

Sunday, March 31, 2019

More Simian Minis for your games!

I know it is Sunday and not Simian Saturday..oops. But these look too cool to not post about.  Lucid Eye just posted about these soon to be released simians : The Curse of The Red Simians expansion for Savage Core!
I'm always on the hunt to add more apes to my miniature collection and these look great!  

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Galactic Sentience Catalog

 The players in my ongoing (revised) Stars Without Number Campaign have acquired a Starship, the system they started out in (The Thieves Worlds), was dominated by humans, with some uplifted chimps as second class citizens and a rare few aliens from outside the system; notably a few Qotah (a race from the original SWN rules). While I currently don't plan to take my sector into full-blown Mos Eisley Aliens Cantina mode, I do want to start bringing in a few more alien races.  Russ Morrissey has just released the Galactic Sentience Catalog for the WOIN RPG the NEW Setting of that game in particular.  NEW is a fun game, I have some of the other products for it, the mechanics of the game are a bit crunchier than what I am currently looking for at my game table, BUT the art, background and production values are all very well done, and when I saw the Galactic Sentience Catalog was out I snatched it up! I will be pulling in a few of the aliens from this book to sprinkle into some of the various star-ports, space stations and worlds in my sector.  As I have said before one of the things I especially enjoy about the OSR is the ease in which I can adapt and convert stuff from other products and game systems into my games. 

Below is a selection of some of the aliens found in this book. Not all, but a few of these Will be making appearances in my current SWN Cabal Sigma Campaign!

Saturday, March 23, 2019

SWN- Kobayashi Maru Maneuver!

I am terribly behind on my Stars Without Number Cabal Sigma Campaign updates.  Things are going great! It has been all I can do to keep up with the players wild and crazy moves, and great tactics! The players are having a ball and so am I! It is great to be running Sci Fi Space Opera after years of D&D.  Last night I did something crazy! Before the game my wife commented that it was William Shatner's Birthday! Happy 88th!  and I thought you know I need to somehow celebrate that in game tonite so I came up with this idea on the way to the game!
Some background...
The players had acquired (stolen) a starship last session, and we had not tried out SWN space combat yet! I knew they were about to "Spike in" to a system with known pirate activity! I told the players that since it was William Shatner's Birthday that for tonite and tonite only! The player acting as the Captain of their new ship could pull a one time Kobayashi Maru Maneuver! What this meant was the starship captain could elect to instead of rolling the required dice for an action (d20 or a 2d6) he could roll my d60 for that one roll for this session only!  Woo Hoo 

They Loved it!  The players kicked the pirates asses and a merchant ship fleeing the pirates (that the party VERY MUCH needed to stop) would have escaped but the captain used the Kobayashi Maru Maneuver rolled a 29! and stopped the merchant ship dead in its tracks!  
Great Game!
Happy Birthday (yesterday) William Shatner!