Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Mutant Epoch : Beyond Red Crater!

I just have to mention the latest release for The Mutant Epoch RPG, Beyond Red Crater!  While I don't have this one yet, I will be ordering asap.  2012 turned out to be a much busier year work-wise than I anticipated grinding all of my gaming to a halt, but I'm gonna do my best to run some Mutant Epoch games this year, its a fun game with some cool stuff to it, that IMHO doesn't get enough press out in the blogosphere.  It is NOT a d20 based game, it has its own mechanic and is quite an awesome game!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Bandits and Battlecruisers

It's not Simian Saturday, but given the coolness of this cover I decided not to wait until Saturday to post about this one. The author of Terminal Space, has just released Bandits and Battlecruisers.
Check out the awesome cover!!

I was going to see what some reviews said about it but after seeing the cover and the Table of Contents. I couldn't resist ordering the print edition.  There's a coupon for Lulu right now so I basically got it with free shipping.  I'll let everyone know my thoughts on it whenever it arrives.  Aliens, Mutants and Rayguns! Oh my!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Starships & Spacemen : Bynars

I've been reading my copy of Starships and Spacemen 2nd ed. a bit.  Thought I'd try my hand at writing up an obscure alien race from TNG.


Requirements: INT 12
Ability Adjustments: STR -1, INT +2, CHA-1
Skill Adjustments: Combat -1, Technical +2
Metabolism: Cobalt Based
     Bynars are a race of short humanoids (averaging a little over 5' tall) with lilac skin and enlarged skulls from the planet Bynaus in the Beta Magellan System. They are relatively new members of the Galactic Confederation.

Shortly after birth all Bynars undergo a procedure where their parietal lobe is surgically replaced with a synaptic processor. This processor connects them to the Bynaus Master Computer. It has been speculated that they are so interconnected with their Master Computer should anything ever happen to it, they would die. Due to being so interconnected with the master computer their language and thought patterns are as close to binary code as possible for organic beings. They can and do speak the Confederation Common tongue but pairs will quite regularly finish one another's sentences, often to the dismay of other races interacting with them.Even their names are a series of 1' and 0's. When speaking directly to one another they utilize a high pitched sound that is inaudible to other races. Each Bynar is equipped with a buffer to safely manage this high rate of information transfer. Bynars always work and live in pairs. Bynars are genetically bonded in pairs for life, should one of the pair meet an untimely accident the surviving Bynar must return to Bynaus where they will be matched to another (without a bonded partner a Bynar performs all actions at -2, until matched with a new partner). When working in pairs Bynars each get to roll 1d6+1 for the number of questions they may ask the computer at a given time.

Even though they are still fairly new members of Space Fleet, paired Bynars can sometimes be found at larger Star Bases, usually engaged in computer repairs and upgrading Space Fleet's Starship computers.

Obviously I took these from Star Trek The Next Generation. I think they only appeared in one episode TNG: 11001001

I'm not sure Starships and Spacemen 2nd ed. is going to replace Stars Without Number or X-plorers as my Sci Fi RPG of choice, but this was a fun exercise and these guys were pretty easy to stat up. 

Hunter Prey A Fun Sci Fi Movie!

Well not to whine but so far 2013 is kicking my butt, I'm dealing with my SECOND bout of the FLU since Christmas (oh and I dutifully got my Flu Shot back in Oct.), had the Stomach Flu, and my job is threatening to cut some of us come February. Wow... Needless to say gaming and blogging have been low on my priority list. While convalesing on the couch I was able to finally watch Hunter Prey a cool looking Indy Sci Fi film I've been wanting to see for quite awhile.

It did not disappoint, I wish the Sci Fi channel would show stuff like this, instead of wrestling and their usual weird movie of the week (Ghost Tornado I'm looking at you!). I highly enjoyed Hunter Prey! The main aliens look like the Tau from 40k, the battle armor they wear is sort of a cross between Clone Trooper armor and Boba Fetts armor. There is one alien named Karza (Micronauts! anyone!), and a sort of orc like Bounty Hunter with a bit of Greedo attitude in him.
 All in all a fun movie! Hope everyone has a good rest of their weekend, stay healthy!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Defiance TV Series coming in April

So let me see if I follow this correctly...
A band of alien refugees (The Votans; actually several different allied races) show up asking for a home.  Earth hems and haws about it, aliens get desperate...War breaks out between Humans and aliens...Earth gets really forward a bit now the survivors have to somehow work together to survive in a post apocalyptic world!
Here is the wiki.
This could be good!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Amidala : The Space Hunter

This just struck me as too cool not to share!

Wisdom from the Wastelands #21-22

After my last post about Cragger's Command Boat, I realized I've got a couple of PDF's that I haven't mentioned that could be helpful in working up some of the Chima stuff for Mutant Future.  Mind you I haven't watched the Chima cartoon, not really interested in that, but the whole concept of mutant animals using hi-tech melee weapons and battling it out in weird vehicles appeals to me.
 Skirmisher Publishing has recently released issues #21 and 22 in their Wisdom from the Wastelands series.  #21 covers Hi-Tech Melee Weapons something every campaign needs right? 
And #22 is about Personal Energy Shields! You need something to help you deal with all those nasty hi tech weapons right?
There is some good stuff in both of these and for only .99 you can't beat the price!

Cragger's "Croc Boat" Command Ship!

I spotted this while I was in Target yesterday.  It's from the Lego Legends of Chima line.  It looks even better in person.  Does this just scream Kamandi/Mutant Future/Thundarr the Barbarian or what!!??
Imagine a army of mutant Croc Men using this as their mobile base! WOW.  Anyone brave enough to stat this up for Mutant Future??