Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hunter Prey A Fun Sci Fi Movie!

Well not to whine but so far 2013 is kicking my butt, I'm dealing with my SECOND bout of the FLU since Christmas (oh and I dutifully got my Flu Shot back in Oct.), had the Stomach Flu, and my job is threatening to cut some of us come February. Wow... Needless to say gaming and blogging have been low on my priority list. While convalesing on the couch I was able to finally watch Hunter Prey a cool looking Indy Sci Fi film I've been wanting to see for quite awhile.

It did not disappoint, I wish the Sci Fi channel would show stuff like this, instead of wrestling and their usual weird movie of the week (Ghost Tornado I'm looking at you!). I highly enjoyed Hunter Prey! The main aliens look like the Tau from 40k, the battle armor they wear is sort of a cross between Clone Trooper armor and Boba Fetts armor. There is one alien named Karza (Micronauts! anyone!), and a sort of orc like Bounty Hunter with a bit of Greedo attitude in him.
 All in all a fun movie! Hope everyone has a good rest of their weekend, stay healthy!!!


  1. Pfft..."Ghost Tornado?" What are those guys thinking?

    This looks interesting though.

  2. The Sci-Fi Channel used to be so good back in the early days of satellite TV/cable...oh how far they have fallen. Don't get me wrong, they've have some good shows, but most of their original movies make most MST movies look like Academy Award nominees.

    Take care of yourself and hope you get to feeling better soon.

  3. Aye, Hunter Prey is a goody. I particularly liked the naming scheme the characters had and the straight-forward plot. Good and easy.