Saturday, June 15, 2013

Simian Saturday: Six-Gun Gorilla

I slipped into the "local" Comic shop this week and quickly grabbed this one off the shelf,  the cover art is by Ramon Perez (I always enjoyed his work on the Rifts RPG line from back in the day) this issue showed very little about the Gorilla, but the potential is there!
The series is described as a "pulpy mash-up of Western weirdness and lo-fi science fiction", sounds perfect for inspiration for a Mutant Future or other similar RPG.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Simian Saturday: Gorilla Warrior!

Here is another piece of great ape art by Marco-itri
Have a great Simian Saturday!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Suns of Gold : Merchant Campaigns for Stars Without Number

Suns of Gold : Merchant Campaigns for Stars Without Number!! Has been released!!

Galactic Treasures Await You....
They are merchants, thieves, grifters, saviors and worse. They roam the untamed void to bring the wealth of foreign worlds to their customers, trading in the treasures of half a hundred worlds for the sake of riches beyond human imagination. You will find them in dirty starport dives, in the palaces of lostworlder kings, and in the gleaming towers of their corporate palaces. They are the far traders, and the treasures of the sky are theirs for the taking.
In this supplement to the free Stars Without Number sci-fi RPG, you'll find all that you need to add classic mercantile adventures to your campaign. Whether a doughty crew of adventurers just trying to keep their battered ship flying or a cabal of aspiring merchant princes who seek the control of whole sectors, the tools in this book provide a GM with everything necessary to plot a course for profit. Within these pages, you'll find...
•Rules for buying and selling cargo between the far-flung planets
•Guidelines for building interstellar business empires and planetary holdings
•Trade tags and tools for giving mercantile flavor to your campaign worlds
•Adventure templates for quickly generating a session's entertainment
•Guides on how to establish new colony worlds to rule and exploit for profit
•Tips and advice for running mercantile campaigns at your own table
Suns of Gold will give you everything you need to handle the commercial ambitions of your players, from short-run cargo hauls to interstellar trade empires. Unleash the forces of fearless avarice in your campaign, and seek the wealth of the skies!

I will definately be picking this up, I'm a big fan of Kevin's work.

Free RPG Day a la Castles & Crusades!

Free RPG Day is coming up!
June 15th to be exact.
Our local Hobby Shop is going to be celebrating it this year! Woo Hoo!
I've been asked to run a Castles & Crusades adventure, a system that I'm quit familiar with and enjoy running.  I picked up my DM I mean Castle Keeper packet tonite, after dinner I'll be looking over the adventure. If your in the area (Memphis, Tennessee) please stop by! My game starts at 11:00.
This should be fun!!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness

My wife and I got to go see the new Star Trek Movie last night.
We both really enjoyed it, seeing it has definately gotten me back into Sci Fi mode.  If you liked the last one you will like this one,  my wife is still not completely overjoyed about the whole reboot thing, but I'm ok with it. 
     Now to decide what mechanic to go with....Stars Without Number...X-plorers....Machinations of the Space Princess...Starships & Spacemen....decisions, decisions....