Sunday, July 23, 2023

SURVIVE THIS!! War for the Wasteland

 Happy Sunday everyone!  Hope you all are all doing well.  We've had a series of bad storms here that have made life a bit hectic (loss of power, internet, even water at times), but we are good.  I just wanted to do a quick post about a product I literally just picked up this morning.  It is from Bloat Games.  It is the Ashcan version of Survive This!! War for the Wasteland. I've only just skimmed it so far, but wow I love it!  This is the Ashcan version, and even though it is not complete, it is loaded with cool stuff.  If the Ashcan version gets enough support, Bloat Games will do a full version with new art etc.  I wanted to post about it here to share the love! With the Christmas in July Sale, its just a few bucks, and in my opinion well worth it.  I love Post Apocalyptic gaming and have always been a big fan of the Rifts setting, and this reminds me a lot of Rifts, but in a much more playable OSR way.  I'll be posting more about this one soon. Hoping I can get my group to try it out, been running alot of 5E Fantasy and I have a hankerin' to get back to my Post Apoclyptic roots!  

Sunday, July 16, 2023

Grizzly Devils; Adventures in Wretched Space Part 4

 Continuing where we left off... Grizzly Devil Squad had made the risky decision to try to cross Crustacean Caverns as a short cut to get to the location of the MIA Iron Badger squad.  What they had not expected was to run into a massive territorial brawl between giant crustaceans and giant cave mollusks. The things were all around them!  Skitters advanced sensors helped them avoid some of the beasts, but a fight was unavoidable. 

Simply Clawful!

Skitter and Heath were hit hard, being on point, but no one was left unscathed during this awful fight.  The things were everywhere, on the walls the floors. It was a brutal fight.  

     Unfortunately, many of the creatures stopped fighting each other to go after these new, soft targets.  Shalonna found a way out of this awful situation, but it would require them to run down the dangerous Toxic Tunnels.

     Once again Skitters sensors found the best way through the toxic waste, but the vile chemicals corroded the little droid and finished off what the crustaceans hadn't.  Heath bravely used his cyber eye to get them the rest of the way through the polluted tunnel, but he too succumbed to this awful place. Kadin tried to help him, but she was sick from the toxins as well, and there was nothing to be done for him.  
    Then they realized they were turned around and lost, only the way finding skills of Shalonna got them back on track, but this long detour proved to be too much for Druce and he died from his injuries. 

     Grimly they knew they were finally at their destination. Bits of broken gear and blood, signs of a fight, and a dead rebel, one of the lost Iron Badgers. Shalonna found signs of Bone Apes in the area. Stealthily approaching the signs of a Bone Ape camp. They spotted their quarry, a group of Bone Apes and two captive Iron Badger Rebels, beaten and hurt but alive! 
The Grizzly Devils, hurt and worn, they knew what they had to do, they jumped the Bone Apes and a fierce fight ensued!

Thats when they lost Kadin, they thought they'd killed all the Bone Apes, but one rose up just long enough to get a kill shot at Kadin while she tried to stop Mungo from bleeding out.  Mungo and Kadin died right there.  Shalonna bloody as hell, sliced off the Bone Apes head with one blow, before nearly collapsing herself.  
That left just Rogue One and Shalonna left alive of the Grizzly Devils, and the two Iron Badgers could barely walk. Shalonna was moving on willpower alone.  Trying to find some healing supplies in the Bone Ape camp, one of the Iron Badgers triggered a trap which cost him his life and severely injured Shalonna.  

     Rogue One basically carrying Shalonna and dragging the only surviving Iron Badger started the slow crawl back to the Vault.  However, the Bone Apes weren't done yet.  A small group of Bone Apes attacked.  Rogue One went into a frenzy. 

   Shalonna was killed in the first round of their attack, but somehow, someway the Rogue Clone Trooper defeated them.  Rogue One took Shalonna's necklace, slung the barely conscious Iron Badger rebel over his shoulder and made the long walk back to the Vault.  Grizzly Devil Squad...was no more.   

Grizzly Devils - R.I.P. 

Grizzly Devil Squad Part 3 Adventures in Wretched Space



Continuing the Adventures of The Grizzly Devils.

For this one I tapped into using Mythic Game Master Emulator, to add some interesting elements to the game. Where mechanics were required, I utilized the Wretched Space RPG. 

Reporting in from their last mission. Our crew was debriefed by base Commander Abrams and thoroughly checked over by Dr. Goodwin. The Commander had lots of questions about the psychic attack they had endured, as well as the eerie blue glowing structures they had found. Dr. Goodwin ran several strange tests on the squad. Eventually both seemed satisfied that the squad weren't under the influence of some "other" force or influence, and after they had healed up, they were cleared to return to duty.  

Commander Abrams - No nonsense, tough, and determined leader. The unsaid rumor is he is actually a transhuman cloned from the DNA of the real Abraham Lincoln...but that's impossible right?? 

Doctor Goodwin- Odd and eccentric, has a interest in psychic forces and energies. More of a (mad) scientist than a medical doctor, although he has some medical skill. He has been able to reverse engineer some of the alien tech found in the reaches of the massive alien Vault.

     The team had been barely cleared for duty, when Commander Abrams gave them a new assignment.  Bone Apes had ambushed two other teams (The Black Salamanders and The Iron Badgers), on the fringes of their territory. One rebel had been killed and several rebel fighters were seriously injured, with three members of The Iron Badgers MIA. 
     Any further explorations of the glowing blue ruins would have to wait until this latest threat was dealt with and any surviving Iron Badgers rescued/recovered. Doc Eldred would be pulled from the squad to assist with the wounded that had been brought in. While Doc Eldred was a skilled doctor and a veteran of many conflicts, his age was making it harder for him to crawl around in the dark and dangerous tunnels that connected the different vaults found in this ancient ruined underworld, his skill set would be better suited to working in the medical ward of the Vault. Combat Nurse Kadin would need to cover the combat medic needs of the squad for now. To replace the losses of Hector and Simon Luther, and the reassignment of Doc Eldred. The Grizzly Devils would be getting three new members.  Rogue One a combat clone that had been able to overcome its mental conditioning and had joined the rebel cause.  Druce, skilled forager, hunter and scrounger (finding supplies and resources had been a problem last mission, and Commander Abrams intended to quickly fix this deficit on the squad). The last new member to be assigned to the team was Heath, a veteran rebel and skilled tunnel fighter. 

Rogue One -Clone Trooper, he beat his mental conditioning/programming and has joined the Rebel Resistance Forces. Tough as Nails! 

Druce- One of the best foragers and scroungers within the rebel forces.  Not a people person, but when you are low on food and supplies he has a knack for turning up things just when they are needed the most. 

Heath- Ex-Galactic Federation Soldier, skilled scout and point man, lost his right eye to Bone Apes, now has a Cyber Eye, that's particularly useful to see in the darkened tunnels that connect the vaults (that is when it works properly). 

They would also be taking a SearchMaster Droid with them, while the rebels only have a limited number of droids, bots and special vehicles, Commander Abrams deemed this mission important enough to risk the use of one of their Special Droids. 

SearchMaster-9000  aka "Skitter"- A versatile rescue/exploration droid, equipped with a plethora of cameras and sensors. It can navigate through rubble and debris and squeeze into tight spaces. 

Leaving the main part of the Rebel controlled vault, they noted that even old Granny and her War Poodle Gladys were on alert and stationed to help secure the vault's access points to the main Tunnels. 

Granny- Veteran Rebel, she's forgotten more about fighting against Galactic Federation tyranny and corruption than most rebels will ever know. 

Gladys - War Poodle, while not fearsome or scary in any way, she has a keen sense of smell, that has saved many a rebel from a Bone Ape ambush and has carried much needed ammo and supplies to tunnel fighters in need. 

     With a final clack, the vault door locked into place behind them.  The Grizzly Devils moved out; time was of the essence.  If any of the Iron Badgers were still alive, they'd need to get to them quickly. Bone Apes were known to eat their captives alive!  

     To make better time, it was decided to cut through the Crustacean Caves... a group of very large caverns just outside of rebel-controlled territory.  The caves had unusual subterranean flora and fauna. Weird tentacled plant life and giant crustaceans and mollusks that fed upon them and each other....

Heath and Skitter were on point, Shalonna was up next, followed by Mungo, Combat Nurse Kadin and Duce (who was quite interested in seeing if any of this weird flora could be harvested), Rogue One was keeping a careful watch on their 6, Bone Apes could and would attack from behind whenever possible. 
Skitter's sensors went into overdrive, something big was moving in the large cave up ahead, actually a lot of somethings...Heath's cybernetic eye, picked it up as well.

Gigantic Cave Crustaceans were battling it out with Giant Cave Mollusks!  Could the squad find a safe way through this critter war?...backtracking would cost them a lot of valuable time? There were too many of these things to fight right?... 
To be continued...