Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pathfinder Session 2 Summary


Busy game today.  This marked session two of our Pathfinder game.   The party wrapped things up at the Spider Farm. They healed the surviving farmhands and themselves, including the farm owner Ulelyn and his daughter Henrietta (rescued last session by Howston Levee the party paladin).  They had apparently driven away any surviving Shadow Goblins, a few had been seen fleeing into the woods. They agreed to make a delivery for the Farm owner, a bundle of special silk needed for an upcoming ritual at the Shrine of the Oracle a few days travel down Trader's Road.  But first they needed to check out the nearby Druidic Commune of FairweatherTiberious the party's half -elf Gypsy Rogue had climbed to a high spot and saw smoke in the distance. Ulelyn the Spider Farmer noted that that was the direction of the Commune.  Fearing the Shadow Goblins had also raided the Commune they prepared to head out. On the road they encountered pilgrims of the Order of the Violet Veil, en route to the shrine.  The pilgrims offered to let the party join them, but the party declined.  Taking a side trail off the main road they again set off to Fairweather, they soon found it. They were too late.  It was a burned out shambles.  Burned crops, bodies all about; dead farmers, dead cattle, dead shadow goblins and similarly equipped human raiders.  One of the few structures left standing was a barely intact massive barn.  The group entered it, found a sunken pit inside with signs of a struggle and more bodies and a tunnel leading into the darkness...
That's when the adventure really started!!  : )

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Invisibles...

Well our Pathfinder game continues tomorrow.  Really looking forward to it.  The group seems to be coming along very nicely.  We have opted to continue meeting at the FLGS, due to it being conveniently located in the middle of almost all of us, also a couple of the guys drive almost an hour to meet with us, and it wouldn't be fair to add to their drive time.  I miss having access to all of my minis/terrain etc., but this is a good compromise. In time we may switch to my house or my co-DM Clints, but for now this is cool.
I came across a mention of the Litko's Invisible Character Marker Set (pictured below).  This looks perfect for my games.  So of course I ordered a set this morning.  It is scaled for 28mm minis, which is what my fantasy collection consists of. 

I'll let you know how the set looks when I get it.  It is apparently a limited edition item, they are testing the market to see if there is a demand for such a product.  In other miniatures news, I think I'm going to ease off  purchases of 28mm fantasy minis, as you all have seen elsewhere in my blog I've got a ton. Instead I'm planning on shifting to terrain pieces, and accessories like the Marker Set.  Course I won a couple of cool minis off of Ebay this morning, that have nothing to do with terrain.  *sigh* guess I'm just a minis addict. 
Anyways, whenever we get a new camera I'll start posting more pictures.  I've got quite a few painted up that I need to get posted. 
Good Gaming!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Pathfinder Sunday! Intro to Session 1 ; "The Spider Farm"

 We had our first official session of our Pathfinder game yesterday.  It was a blast!!

Everyone seemed to quickly get into mode, we got in a good four hours of game time (not counting finishing up characters and chatting about the rules before play started.
The party consists of :
Howston Levee : Human Paladin (Sword of the Raven Queen)
Tiberious Daven : Half-elf Rogue (Gypsy blooded, Cursed at love )
Alkanash Higgle : Gnome Cleric (bearer of the Blessed Left Hand, Conveyor of the Golden Egg)
Zebulon : Elf Cleric (The Enigmatic One)
Narlyotep : Human Sorcerer w/ aberrant bloodline (The Pale Prophet)
Another player who couldn't attend will be playing Rouge Le Humane:  Human sorcerer w/ Elemental (Fire) Bloodline (Keeper of the Fire Ferret).  As you can tell by some of the unusual titles we had fun with Central Castings (the book is written up/described elsewhere in my blog).
Everyone seemed to have a good time.  I'm feeling really good about making the decision to drop 4E and switch over to Pathfinder.  The rules seem to more readily fit our groups style of play. 
If I get time I'll try to post some more about the session later.

Monday, September 7, 2009


Here's a map of our Campaign Setting; Mordavia.  Worked up by my Co-DM Clint using Campaign Cartographer.  It's a WIP as the group explores the region they will find out more about the area and it's inhabitants.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Pathfinder Sunday!

 Well we met today at the FLGS and had alot of fun making up characters.  I used Central Casting for each player and they had a ball!  Poor Clint really got the shaft, the dice were not his friend.  All in all we've got a pretty interesting party taking shape.  Two folks couldn't make it so I'll try to get them caught up.  We are planning on starting the Campaign off next Sunday.  Whoo hoo! 

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mother of all Encounter Tables

This tome has proven to be quite useful for my games (3.5 in particular, but should work fine for Pathfinder).  It's by Necromancer games (probably now OOP) and is an excellent tool for the harried DM.  There's been a couple of times that I didn't have time to properly prep for a session, or the party went in a totally unexpected direction, so I made a few rolls and voila' I had a complete evenings adventure!

Creatures & Treasures

Here's another classic tome from my gaming library.  It is for the Rolemaster system, but I've used it extensively for D&D and other fantasy RPG's over the years.  It has excellent treasure tables, you can even create some interesting magic items with some of the tables in the back.  Back in the day we played so much D&D alot of my player's had the core magic items memorized, so when I started using this tome they never knew what to expect.  I still find it to be useful today, I've used stuff from it for my recent C&C Campaign, my 3.5 before that, and I'm sure I'll be looting it for ideas for our upcoming Pathfinder game.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Pathfinder Sunday!

 Looks like the gang is going to get together Sunday to make up characters for Pathfinder.  I will also be bringing my Central Castings book to roll up backgrounds for everyone if they choose to do so.  Clint and I will be sharing the DM mantle for this Campaign.  Which means I can get to play some too, whoo hoo!
We will be transitioning our homebrew setting used for our 4E game to the Pathfinder rules. Things that were accomplished by the 4E party have dramatically affected the setting, and the new Pathfinder characters will have to deal with the fallout! 
 More to come....