Saturday, September 5, 2009

Creatures & Treasures

Here's another classic tome from my gaming library.  It is for the Rolemaster system, but I've used it extensively for D&D and other fantasy RPG's over the years.  It has excellent treasure tables, you can even create some interesting magic items with some of the tables in the back.  Back in the day we played so much D&D alot of my player's had the core magic items memorized, so when I started using this tome they never knew what to expect.  I still find it to be useful today, I've used stuff from it for my recent C&C Campaign, my 3.5 before that, and I'm sure I'll be looting it for ideas for our upcoming Pathfinder game.


  1. This is a good book. I love magic item books, monster manuals and tech books. No matter what system they are design for. I have been rarely disappointed with one.

  2. I love this book, it sees heavy use for all of my fantasy campaigns, irregardless of system.