Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Invisibles...

Well our Pathfinder game continues tomorrow.  Really looking forward to it.  The group seems to be coming along very nicely.  We have opted to continue meeting at the FLGS, due to it being conveniently located in the middle of almost all of us, also a couple of the guys drive almost an hour to meet with us, and it wouldn't be fair to add to their drive time.  I miss having access to all of my minis/terrain etc., but this is a good compromise. In time we may switch to my house or my co-DM Clints, but for now this is cool.
I came across a mention of the Litko's Invisible Character Marker Set (pictured below).  This looks perfect for my games.  So of course I ordered a set this morning.  It is scaled for 28mm minis, which is what my fantasy collection consists of. 

I'll let you know how the set looks when I get it.  It is apparently a limited edition item, they are testing the market to see if there is a demand for such a product.  In other miniatures news, I think I'm going to ease off  purchases of 28mm fantasy minis, as you all have seen elsewhere in my blog I've got a ton. Instead I'm planning on shifting to terrain pieces, and accessories like the Marker Set.  Course I won a couple of cool minis off of Ebay this morning, that have nothing to do with terrain.  *sigh* guess I'm just a minis addict. 
Anyways, whenever we get a new camera I'll start posting more pictures.  I've got quite a few painted up that I need to get posted. 
Good Gaming!

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  1. Just a note, I got these from Litko very quickly. Excellent packaging and fast service. I haven't had time to put them together yet, but am quite pleased with them.