Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pathfinder Session 2 Summary


Busy game today.  This marked session two of our Pathfinder game.   The party wrapped things up at the Spider Farm. They healed the surviving farmhands and themselves, including the farm owner Ulelyn and his daughter Henrietta (rescued last session by Howston Levee the party paladin).  They had apparently driven away any surviving Shadow Goblins, a few had been seen fleeing into the woods. They agreed to make a delivery for the Farm owner, a bundle of special silk needed for an upcoming ritual at the Shrine of the Oracle a few days travel down Trader's Road.  But first they needed to check out the nearby Druidic Commune of FairweatherTiberious the party's half -elf Gypsy Rogue had climbed to a high spot and saw smoke in the distance. Ulelyn the Spider Farmer noted that that was the direction of the Commune.  Fearing the Shadow Goblins had also raided the Commune they prepared to head out. On the road they encountered pilgrims of the Order of the Violet Veil, en route to the shrine.  The pilgrims offered to let the party join them, but the party declined.  Taking a side trail off the main road they again set off to Fairweather, they soon found it. They were too late.  It was a burned out shambles.  Burned crops, bodies all about; dead farmers, dead cattle, dead shadow goblins and similarly equipped human raiders.  One of the few structures left standing was a barely intact massive barn.  The group entered it, found a sunken pit inside with signs of a struggle and more bodies and a tunnel leading into the darkness...
That's when the adventure really started!!  : )

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