Sunday, March 31, 2019

More Simian Minis for your games!

I know it is Sunday and not Simian Saturday..oops. But these look too cool to not post about.  Lucid Eye just posted about these soon to be released simians : The Curse of The Red Simians expansion for Savage Core!
I'm always on the hunt to add more apes to my miniature collection and these look great!  

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Galactic Sentience Catalog

 The players in my ongoing (revised) Stars Without Number Campaign have acquired a Starship, the system they started out in (The Thieves Worlds), was dominated by humans, with some uplifted chimps as second class citizens and a rare few aliens from outside the system; notably a few Qotah (a race from the original SWN rules). While I currently don't plan to take my sector into full-blown Mos Eisley Aliens Cantina mode, I do want to start bringing in a few more alien races.  Russ Morrissey has just released the Galactic Sentience Catalog for the WOIN RPG the NEW Setting of that game in particular.  NEW is a fun game, I have some of the other products for it, the mechanics of the game are a bit crunchier than what I am currently looking for at my game table, BUT the art, background and production values are all very well done, and when I saw the Galactic Sentience Catalog was out I snatched it up! I will be pulling in a few of the aliens from this book to sprinkle into some of the various star-ports, space stations and worlds in my sector.  As I have said before one of the things I especially enjoy about the OSR is the ease in which I can adapt and convert stuff from other products and game systems into my games. 

Below is a selection of some of the aliens found in this book. Not all, but a few of these Will be making appearances in my current SWN Cabal Sigma Campaign!

Saturday, March 23, 2019

SWN- Kobayashi Maru Maneuver!

I am terribly behind on my Stars Without Number Cabal Sigma Campaign updates.  Things are going great! It has been all I can do to keep up with the players wild and crazy moves, and great tactics! The players are having a ball and so am I! It is great to be running Sci Fi Space Opera after years of D&D.  Last night I did something crazy! Before the game my wife commented that it was William Shatner's Birthday! Happy 88th!  and I thought you know I need to somehow celebrate that in game tonite so I came up with this idea on the way to the game!
Some background...
The players had acquired (stolen) a starship last session, and we had not tried out SWN space combat yet! I knew they were about to "Spike in" to a system with known pirate activity! I told the players that since it was William Shatner's Birthday that for tonite and tonite only! The player acting as the Captain of their new ship could pull a one time Kobayashi Maru Maneuver! What this meant was the starship captain could elect to instead of rolling the required dice for an action (d20 or a 2d6) he could roll my d60 for that one roll for this session only!  Woo Hoo 

They Loved it!  The players kicked the pirates asses and a merchant ship fleeing the pirates (that the party VERY MUCH needed to stop) would have escaped but the captain used the Kobayashi Maru Maneuver rolled a 29! and stopped the merchant ship dead in its tracks!  
Great Game!
Happy Birthday (yesterday) William Shatner!