Tuesday, March 5, 2019

You got Street Samurai Weapons in my GURPS Space?! - Yes please

I just picked these two classics up for a great price. With new gaming books today going for such high prices it is nice to find some bargains from back in the day. I want to thank Samwise Seven RPG for getting GURPS Space back on my radar. GURPS Space will add some nice options to my current SWN Campaign.  I used to have several of the GURPS books years ago, but downsized my collection collection many years ago.
 I remember reading/perusing the original Street Samurai Catalog at Walden's Books in the Mall back in the day but I never owned it, Shadowrun was one of the few RPG's we never really played around here, although I gave the game a spin in college.  However, with my current Stars Without Number Campaign going so well, I see both of these products getting some use at my game table. Revised SWN is awesome, but the weapons in the core rules are a bit bland. I love weapons and gear books, so Street Samurai Catalog will see some conversions to SWN stats while GURPS Space has lots of interesting options and I can easily working into my SWN Campaign. I just love mixing and matching stuff in my OSR games!

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