Monday, March 4, 2019

SWN Sector Cabal Sigma Session 1 - The Wrong Side of Heaven (part 3)

As part of their package for winning the Danger Room Exercise, the group earned a shuttle pass to the orbital arena entertainment  station known as Outlaw Station, they also earned a free "cup of joe" at The Emerald Brew, a coffee shop on Outlaw Station popular with adventurer types and known for having the best coffee in Riot, as well as, a frequently updated job's and rumors board. 
On the shuttle journey, Varlo quickly found he had earned a bit of celebrity with his fellow Riotians. The vid feed on the shuttle, showed a replay of him "gunning" down everything in sight in the Danger Room, including his fellow companions.  Able just sneered. Osric seemed preoccupied, his companions, didn't yet know he had "liberated" the Hybrid Mergence from the Battle Tower.  He felt he needed to let the others know, and after indicating he needed to chat privately with the group. Bras Hombre a known gunslinger stared down the other passengers on the shuttle so that the other passengers gave the group space to talk.  No one wanted gunplay on a shuttle. Osric showed the group his new "friend". Varlo a fellow psychic was interested and examined the creature, he was immediately flooded with a stream of images of an alien world, and the word? Sha'Kuun flooded his mind. The creature wanted to go home and Sha'Kuun was his home?  Able was not pleased with the acquisition of this creature and said as much.  
Osric looked up and noted a dark robed figure on the other end of the shuttle apparently watching was one of the Shadow Priests...that strange cult that was often seen around spaceports, that said little, and most everyone ignored. The Shadow Priest, its face hidden in the dark recesses of its robes, seemed to be watching them but Osric was uncertain.  Bras Hombre and Able were both uncomfortable that both Osric and Varlo claimed that this plant-thing was talking to them, but were more concerned about the trouble this acquisition would cause the group.  There would be further discussions.