Saturday, March 9, 2019

Sci Fi Saturday! SWN Campaign Update and Latest Acquisitions!

Hope everyone is doing well! It is another rainy day here.
I am quite behind on updating everyone on my Stars Without Number Campaign. We had Session 2 last night and have also had a full blown Faction Turn.  Sooo much going on! Wow, loving this game.
I will try to get caught up on posting session logs, I may need to abbreviate the logs a bit more to at least keep up. My players are keeping me on my toes and working well together. They have collaborated on building an excellent team of characters that work well together and have all the core bases covered.  I can't wait to see what they do next!  Thankfully SWN has some excellent sandbox tools for me to roll on when they go way off the path from where I thought they were going to go. 
Anyways, I am always on the lookout for additional resources to mine for material for my games. I recently picked up two new Sci Fi RPG supplements.
An actual newly released product for the old Space Opera RPG Star Sector Atlas 6 - I will definitely be pulling material from this one for my current SWN Campaign. A modified version of The Invincible Realm of Hissss'Tah now has a place in my setting.   Sixteen Stars is another great product for SWN, tons of tables for the harried (hey that's me) GM to roll on to come up with adventure locations and ideas on the fly!
Well guess that is all for now, I need to be working on the next session for my group. What I thought would take them two sessions, they got through in one! Loving the tactics and teamwork they are showing. Combat is deadly, we almost lost one character last night to a laser rifle blast, but the player's fight smart and prevailed!
-More to come!

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