Sunday, June 9, 2019

Survive This!! Vigilante City

I'm way behind on blogging, due to real life stuff. Awhile back I failed to mention, that I recently received the books from a kickstarter I backed. Survive This!! Vigilante City
Survive This!! Vigilante City is a fun OSR product, that is a mixture of old school D&D mechanics, and some new innovations from more modern games (a little 5E, some Black Hack etc.). The thing that excites me the most is how it reminds me of Palladium's Heroes Unlimited RPG. I mean that in a good way, one of the best (most enjoyable) campaigns (of any system/genre) that I have ever GM'd was a Heroes Unlimited Campaign. While Palladium's system no longer meets my needs, the spirit of that game can easily be found in Vigilante City. Allowing for a more approachable system while still capturing the cool elements of enabling players to create a diverse range of vigilantes (heroes). 
I'm hoping to work this one into the play rotation, but we are still playing SWN, and have a Genefunk 2090 Playtest to many games so little time.