Sunday, March 29, 2015

Review of Strange Stars

     First I owe Trey Causey an apology, I should have done a review for Strange Stars way before now, the only excuse that I can offer is that I have honestly been swamped with work , school and family stuff. But Strange Stars is so cool that even those reasons are insufficient.  Strange Stars deserves to be talked about, discussed and most of all played!
This retro style sci-fi gazetteer draws from some great resources; Star Trek, Micronauts, Star Frontiers, there is even a subtle but strong dose of Talislanta in there (Talislanta IN SPAACE!). All good stuff!  And if you enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy then I think you will enjoy the ideas presented in this tome of Sci Fi coolness!
If you are looking for a resource of stat blocks, hyper detailed NPC's, extensive world information and such then you need to keep in mind that this isn't that kind of resource, instead it is a great snapshot of what looks like a really cool galaxy of adventure, that you will want to play in and make your own.  Each page is jam packed with snippets of the setting and just perusing this tome will give both you and your players ideas for your own Sci Fi campaigns.  The artwork is fantastic and really helps to capture the feel of the setting and get you immersed into it quickly. This resource gives you the right mix of ideas to grab a hold of and jump right into the setting.
Given that this is a system neutral setting book, I now just need to decide  what game system to use to run it? There is a Fate version due out soon, to be followed by a Stars Without Number version.  But I can see using this setting with Traveller or Savage Worlds.  Hmm...decisions decisions... In case you couldn't tell I'm very happy to have this as part of my collection.
Oh and Trey has added a ton of additional resources (including some game stats) for this setting over on his blog.  So check it out for more information.  
You can grab a copy HERE