Friday, January 19, 2024

Star Scoundrels: Gamera Security

     Last post was a Star Scoundrels character write-up so today, I thought I would show how quick and easy it is to stat up opponents and foes for your campaign.  Star Scoundrels calls these Threats.  From the Star Scoundrels rules," A Threat is anything characters must overcome as part of the adventure." A Threat will have a Danger Rating (sort of a difficulty level or CR in D&D Terms), Hits (basically hit points) and any appropriate Tags.

     So without further ado, I present you Gamera Security.  

Gamera Security

Originally a group of reptilian aliens that worked as “security” for a Crime lord. The founding members found they had a knack for bodyguard, security, and “similar” work.  Rumor has it after the Crime boss tried to double cross them, they killed him, ate him, and went independent.  Since then, Gamera Security has spread to many worlds, wherein, a not so gently approach is desired.  The organization continues to only employ reptilian alien species, and they neither confirm nor deny the rumors that they eat sentients that cross them.

Danger Rating: 2    Hits: 4     Tags: Intimidating, Close Combat, Shoot, Brawling

Please note, I saw the name Gamera Security online years ago, don't recall where, so not trying to steal someone's idea. Just thought it would make a cool name for a group of reptilian aliens doing sec work.  

Thursday, January 18, 2024

More Star Scoundrels

 Still sick and snowed/Iced in here so posting a character for Star Scoundrels.

Gusias Vantu

Species: Sluskan 

Species Traits: (Amphibious, Aquatic Survival, Swim, Low-Light Vision, Persuasive, Hardy)

Outlaw: (Blasters, Brawling, Infamous, Spot Trouble, Stealth, Underworld)

Fringer (Awareness, Brawling, Exploration, Repair, Survival, Trading)

Edges: Rifleman, Criminal Contacts, Negotiator

Flaws: Arachnophobia, Wanted by The Sandrekavan Syndicate   

Grit Points: 4

Flow Points: 1

Gear: Accurate, Antique Blaster Rifle, Stolen Extreme Survival Poncho, survival kit, tactical harness, comm unit, survival rations, blaster pistol

Monday, January 15, 2024

Star Scoundrels: Ohlani



     Ohlani are a near human alien species, their height and build match standard human norms, their skin tones are generally a dark pink, some would say fushia, with some having darker pink skin patterns as well, and their eye colors have a wider range than human norms. Ohlani are also bald, with very minimal body hair. 

     Ohlan, was a Fringe World of temperate climes, captivating landscapes, and beautiful forests.  That all changed when The Dominion came.  Most Ohlani possess strong innate abilities to tap into The Flow, and while they practiced a life of peace and harmony with their environment and other species, The Dominion considered them a threat. The assault on the Ohlani homeworld was quick and brutal.  Only a few thousand Ohlani escaped and now live as refugees on other Fringe Worlds. While a rare few use their powers to resist the growing power of The Dominion, most just want to be left alone to mourn their world, their former songs of joy are now songs of sadness, mourning their people and their lost way of life.

Traits: (Flow Sensitivity, Empathy, Agri-tech, Persuasion, Will power, Singing)

Star Scoundrels : Kogareans



Traits: (Huge, Survival, Intimidate, Forest Survival, Strong, Tough Hide)

Common Flaw: Superstitious

Kogareans are a tall (average 7’), humanoid race covered in thick hair and have light brown skin.

Kogareans were originally a happy and peaceful people.  This all changed when a Renegade Dominion Scientist unleashed an (Ancient Alien?) Experimental Device to harness the power of their homeworld’s sun.  The Dominion scientist was unable to control the ancient device, and instead, their sun was destroyed as was the bulk of their civilization and people.  The Kogareans used their starships to flee the destruction of their homeworld; however, the Kogareans only possessed a limited number of starships, nowhere near enough to save the bulk of their people, the remaining Kogareans died on their homeworld.

Since that time, they have spread out in their starships across the stars, hunting for the rogue scientist that destroyed their civilization. After the devastation, The Dominion disavowed the scientist claiming they did not endorse the scientist’s actions although, many Kogareans question the truth of this.

Today, most Kogareans are trained as warriors, favoring both energy and bladed weapons.  Despite their technology, they have always been a superstitious people.  The destruction of their homeworld has only made them even more so. 

Star Scoundrels : A rules lite Sci Fi RPG


 Hope everyone is well, we are in the single digit temps here with what is a heavy snow for us. So, since I have some downtime, and am still on a Sci Fi kick, I thought I would look at Star Scoundrels a bit more. I do like the Black Star RPG, but Star Scoundrels does seem to give just a bit more "something" to differentiate characters and such. 

     Love that cover art!  One of my favorite things to do in Space Opera campaigns is to work up alien species.  Since Star Scoundrels is Star Wars with the serial numbers filed off, thought I would do an alien species loosely based on a Star Wars alien species that shows up in the background from time to time.  I'll let you see if you can determine which species this one is based upon.  Oh, and the art is A.I. I'm no artist so I figured for a blog post, A.I. art should be ok.  

Species: Sluskan  

Species Traits: (Amphibious, Aquatic Survival, Swim, Low-Light Vision, Persuasive, Hardy)

  And just like that we have a species written up.  More to come!  

Saturday, January 13, 2024

Gaming Update (EZD6 and Star Scoundrels)

Gamer Greetings,
     Hope everyone is doing well, been sickly winter already around here.  Work and illness have derailed any gaming for quite a while, but we can still think about gaming, right?
     I still find myself in a Sci Fi mindset.  As well as an ongoing interest in Post-Apocalyptic gaming. I saw where the EZD6 Wasted World will be released soon, I haven't picked up the EZD6 core rules, but a P.A. version? that's my jam.  I'll be grabbing that one for sure.  I'll try to post more about it when I pick it up. Check out the cover of the softback! Kewel! From what I know of EZD6 looks to be rules lite, might even try some online play, since in person scheduling is such a challenge of late.  More to come on EZD6 Wasted World.   

     I've been following Trey's posts over on From the Sorcerer's Skull lately about Black Star and Star Scoundrels. He even did a brief comparison of two alien species in the systems.   I've done several posts about Black Star, but have not had chance to play it yet.  
     After reading Trey's posts I picked up Star Scoundrels. Star Scoundrels has a tad bit more stuff to it than Black Star, but not excessively so, your character gets a couple of Flaws and a little bit more tweaks.  I'm gonna read over it some more. 

          I will say I love the random generator tables in the back of Star Scoundrels.  Definitely give you that Star Warsian/80's Sci Fi vibe (is that a word?).  Let me do some random rolls and show you what I mean.

Objective: Kidnap (abduct a Dominion scientist and their research)
Location: Abandoned Construction: Machinery that's become a battleground for control.
Antagonists: Dark Matter Entity: An alien being with an agenda of its own.
Complications: Time Dilation: Near a massive object, time moves differently, altering the mission timeline.

     And just like that you have the makings of a pretty wild adventure, the Time Dilation makes me think of the old 80's Ice Pirates movie. 
Good Gaming -B.B.