Friday, January 19, 2024

Star Scoundrels: Gamera Security

     Last post was a Star Scoundrels character write-up so today, I thought I would show how quick and easy it is to stat up opponents and foes for your campaign.  Star Scoundrels calls these Threats.  From the Star Scoundrels rules," A Threat is anything characters must overcome as part of the adventure." A Threat will have a Danger Rating (sort of a difficulty level or CR in D&D Terms), Hits (basically hit points) and any appropriate Tags.

     So without further ado, I present you Gamera Security.  

Gamera Security

Originally a group of reptilian aliens that worked as “security” for a Crime lord. The founding members found they had a knack for bodyguard, security, and “similar” work.  Rumor has it after the Crime boss tried to double cross them, they killed him, ate him, and went independent.  Since then, Gamera Security has spread to many worlds, wherein, a not so gently approach is desired.  The organization continues to only employ reptilian alien species, and they neither confirm nor deny the rumors that they eat sentients that cross them.

Danger Rating: 2    Hits: 4     Tags: Intimidating, Close Combat, Shoot, Brawling

Please note, I saw the name Gamera Security online years ago, don't recall where, so not trying to steal someone's idea. Just thought it would make a cool name for a group of reptilian aliens doing sec work.  


  1. Would you stat up a non person threat in the same way? quick sand pit? desolate waste? etc? Mechanically is the overcoming the threat similar regardless of what it is? (just different skills, situation and narration)?

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    1. Thanks Trey! You are to blame, I didn't know about Star Scoundrels before you posted about the game.