Sunday, October 2, 2022

Drogar The Terrible; NPC Villain from The Warlord for Hyperborea

 Thought I would continue my posts about using DC Comic's The Warlord as inspiration for a Hyperborea RPG Campaign.  Issue #2 has some solid content, a fight with some Saber Toothed Tigers and The Warlord ends up getting captured by Drogar, a deceitful fighter that ends up being the captain of a slaver ship.  Thought Drogar would make for an interesting villain/NPC encounter.  Brief write-up below!


Drogar the Terrible

(stats as Bandit Captain Hyperborea Referee's Manual P. 80,  has weapon mastery with long sword and short bow- +1 to hit and damage) Speaks Seafarer version of Thieves' Cant

Gryfalcon Crew (25 - stats as Bandit P. 80, speak seafarer version of Thieves Cant)

Drogar the Terrible is the captain of the Slave Galley Gryfalcon. He has a crew of 25 ruffian/fighter types that keep the slaves/rowers in line and to repel boarders and other pirates. Drogar is a clever captain, he seldom risks his own skin and men in a fight, preferring to use trickery and guile to get what he wants.  He is no coward, but a dead man can't spend his hard won gold. 


Gryfalcon  (Phoenician Galley)