Wednesday, September 7, 2022

The Lost World of The Warlord for Hyperborea

     I've started (re)reading The Warlord comics series from DC Comics.  I dig it's Lost World vibe.  Just look at that cover! Seems to be a perfect match up for ideas for a Hyperborea Campaign (AS&SH).  While reading this issue the below panel just jumped out at me as an idea for my (eventual?) Hyperborea Campaign.  Have a little Serpentine Wine...just watch out for the "aftertaste"...

 Serpentine Wine - This evil brew is said to have been originally concocted by the foul Snake-Men. A few especially evil human magi are also believed to have also learned how to brew this sorcerous wine.  Anyone drinking this dark red wine must immediately make a saving throw versus Transformation or be turned into a  snake (roll a  d4 : 1=asp, 2=rattlesnake, 3=spitting cobra, 4=viper).  In all aspects the afflicted is for all intents and purposes a snake, they lose their intellect and any special abilities. They are also susceptible to a Snake-man's Command Serpents ability. This wicked wine is thankfully rare and difficult to brew, it acts as a variant of the Polymorph Other spell.  Casting Dispel Magic will reverse the effects, as will, the death of the afflicted.

 Based on a comic panel from DC Comics The Warlord. No copyright infringement is intended

Sunday, July 10, 2022

Meet the Myconids- 5E Campaign Session 9

     Happy to say we had our 9th session of our 5E Campaign last night.  May seem like a minor milestone to many, but for our group of folks with hectic jobs, families, busy schedules and other obligations, nine consistent 4 hour+ sessions is pretty good.  I honestly think that having a true Session Zero has made a huge difference in the overall quality of the campaign. The players had input in the setting and we all had clear expectations of the game and group from the beginning.  The party has had several close calls, and lost a gnome henchman in session 8.  I'm more of an OSR DM, so running 5E has been an interesting process for me.  I've applied my Old School mindset to the game and the players have learned to avoid combat where they can, fight on their own terms when they can't.  Early on they went into a few encounters "guns blazing" and about had a couple of TPK's (when you are at 0 hit points, the monsters can and will continue to attack if the situation fits, leading to failed death saves very quickly!).

    This session had a lot of roleplay. They have managed a loose alliance with a small group of Myconids, dealt with some renegade mercenaries preying on innocent folk, and have established a community/encampment (at the old farm site they cleared in Session 2) for a growing group of refugees that the party freed from a hobgoblin fort back in Session 5. They have crossed the local (rogue) prince of the Kingdom of Valorn and are now wanted for crimes against the kingdom in that region (They determined early on the prince was corrupt and had his own agenda seeking power and domination, while he worked to undermine his father the king). The group also managed to find a "Stargate", now getting it to work reliably and whom (if anyone) to tell about it, is another matter entirely... 

Wednesday, July 6, 2022


 A follow up to yesterday's post.  Over the weekend I had to run into the local Five Below store and happened to go down the toy aisle..when I spotted the COBRA F.A.N.G. Copter!!! Love that classic cover art from back in the day.

     I always wanted the original action figure version of this as a kid back in the 80's, but never had one, so of course I had to grab this! Ok, I grabbed two of them!  Yesterday, I finally had a bit of free time to assemble one of them, with it being 99 degrees outside (110 when you factor in the heat index), staying indoors and playing with I mean assembling Legos ...well Construction Blocks, is smart right?  

Nice little vehicle that captures the look and feel of the original.  Now I need to find a set of skirmish rules that will allow me to use it in some tabletop gaming!

Waldorf approves! and he finds fault with everything!  (Waldorf minifigure sold separately).

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

The Monkey Militia

      It's been awhile, but long time followers of my blog will know that I am an AFOL (Adult Fan of Lego).  In particular I love the minifigs. Pictured above is the results of a rather long term project of picking up any of the Lego Chima Gorilla minifigures that I could find, while outfitting them with appropriate weapons and gear. Combat knives, Assault Rifles and Tactical Vests.  Not sure about the leader with the Katana and Owl, but we shall see.  Anyways, I present to you The Monkey Militia.  I should have waited till Saturday to post this, for a Simian Saturday post, but here it is early.  I'm hoping to work these into some Skirmish gaming soon. Maybe as a rival gang for Five Parsecs from Home, Space Weirdos, or something else?  Do any of you use lego Minifigs for your tabletop games? 

Sunday, June 26, 2022

D&D 5E Campaign The Humble Travelers Session 8


     I'm a few sessions behind posting about our 5E Campaign, we had session 8 last night (9 if you count Session Zero).  We had a lot of fun.  This one was a lot of combat!  Session 7 was all role-play and interactions, leading up to this one, a big fight with Morlock infested tunnels.  I had to put my DM Dice in the Time out/Dunce Hat chair, I kept rolling 1's and 2's.  The party lost a brave henchman, err I mean Henchgnome...Selby the Rock Gnome was felled by Giant Roaches ! Ewww after he had bravely held the line against multiple Morlocks.  Eventually the party was triumphant, though almost all were seriously hurt and had burned through most of their spells.  The party has accomplished a great deal during the campaign so far. They reached level 5 by end of the night.  

The Entrance to the Morlock Tunnels....danger and death await!!
Selby the Rock Gnome (RIP) and Aldebaran the Sorcerer

Sunday, June 12, 2022

Love & Monsters


     Picked this up in the discounted DVD bin at the place that shall not be named "W".  I know the movie came out awhile ago, but I don't really go to the movies anymore and we purged majority of our pay TV Subscription channel stuff. The missus and I do more reading, gaming and yard stuff these days, TV just isn't our thing anymore. But to get back on topic, watched this one last night and really enjoyed it. The gamer in me found it to be loaded with usable gaming content, giant bugs and creepy crawlers!  Oh yeah! I can get behind that! Perfect inspiration for your Post Apocalyptic mutant bugs, or giant insect threats for your fantasy games! Plus the story-line in the movie was fun as well.  

Good Gaming! -B.B.

Monday, May 30, 2022

Saturday, May 21, 2022

The Humble Travelers Session 5

 We played session 5 of our 5E Campaign.

     The party finished up taking out the Hobgoblins at the Fort, along with the Carnivorous Ape guardians. Freed a bunch of captives, and got a bit of loot.  The Hobgoblin warlord escaped through a secret door, a battle for another day.

     This session had a good bit of logistics, exploration and planning.  The party had dealt with the hobgoblins as a job for Melvin, of Melvin's Marvelous Menagerie.  Completing the mission, he gifted them with some more intel, healing potions, two war pugs and a Silver Raven figurine of Woundrous Power (Sally loves Ravens). The party tied up some other loose ends then made their way to make the journey through the mountain pass to the wildlands beyond.  

     Instead of taking the main pass, Orreg the Goliath found a "goat trail" and with the aid of some potions of climbing (loot from the hobgoblin fort) they made their way. They had heard goblins guarded the pass, so wanted to avoid them.  The goat trail followed above the pass for awhile. Hours in they looked below and spotted several dead goblins below?  From the distance they looked dead and bloodless?? What could have done that?  Continuing to work their way along the trail they found an older more worked path and eventually uncovered some ruins along the cliffside.  Finding a cave of worked stone, the party entered, engaged in a fight with Ogre zombie guardians, the party fairly easily defeated the undead through the use of sound tactics and skillfull spell work.  Exploring further, they realized they were in a lost shrine to evil gods best forgotten, venturing down a darkened hole, they found a altar with an obsidian bowl.  Aldebaran carefully scanned the altar...however, once Sally, the cleric of the Raven Queen entered the chamber, the foul thing lurking in the altar bowl manifested and attacked!

     This was a tough fight, half the party was still in the chamber above, Meego the monkey, was too terrified to even face the monster, Sally was quickly immobilized, her war pugs terrified of the thing hid in her packpack, Orreg dropped into the chamber and was quickly also paralyzed with fear by the demon.  The party barely survived the fight with the foul demon thing, Aldebaran realizing destroying the bowl would send the beast back to the abyss.  Aldebaran in the last moments of the fight was smashed against a wall, even failed a death save. The party survived, Aldebaran was saved, but the destruction of the demon's "bowl" caused the chamber to collapse, during the collapse Aldebaran glimpsed a passage below the altar...reluctantly he was hauled out of the collapsing chamber, cursing..."that's where the treasure is! We defeated that thing, but can't get to the treasure.."..

End of Session 5

Friday, April 15, 2022

The Humble Travelers Session 4 (5E Campaign)

 We played session 4 of our 5E Campaign last Saturday.  Below are some pictures.

Hope everyone is doing well have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

More Pics from 5E session 3


White Apes guard the Sacred Grotto

Fortunately the druid was able to parlay with them and a conflict was avoided.
One ape has joined the group, and the Goliath testing out the recently acquired flute, discovered it could summon a large serpent! 

Sunday, March 27, 2022

5E Session 3 The Adventures of "The Humble Travelers"

 We played our third session of our 5E Campaign last night.  Below are a few pictures from the game.

I wanted to convey that the party was really getting into an old growth forest thick with trees and brush.

The players loved the terrain, that is until they realized they were being stalked by a pair of Displacer Beasts! Was loads of fun to see them worried about what might be hiding in every bush and tree! Through teamwork, strategy and sound tactics they defeated the beasts, nearly losing the druid in the final battle.

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Nice day for a drive!


Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!

Sunday, March 13, 2022

5E Campaign Session 1-2

 We resumed our 5E game last night.  Lots of fun.  

  "The Humble Travelers"    back row from L to R  Orreg "Bearkiller" Thuliaga - Goliath Fighter, Adria- Aasimar Druid,  Sallouisa "Sally"- Human Cleric of the Raven Queen, and on front row, the mysterious Aldebaran- a half-elf Sorcerer.

    The party took a side trek. Prior to leaving town, an elderly lady asked Adria the Druid to check on a small farm and blacksmith out on the edge of civilization, the lady was worried that her daughter, son-in-law (a black smith) and 7 year old granddaughter hadn't check in in weeks. The party found the farm initially deserted, but soon stirred up a bunch of nasty giant flies. They were soon overrun by an assortment of giant nasty flies! With no sign of the family that lived there.  

Bigger flies swarmed out of the barn! The party engaged in pitched battle, and things looked grim but through teamwork and luck managed to kill off the flies. 

A large hole was found in the back of the barn going down into the ground! They thought they heard a little girl down in the hole...crying!! Aldebaran advised they leave! But the others especially the cleric would have none of that!

Session 2 

Exploring the tunnels.. trying to find the little girl led to the Orreg getting overwhelmed by Giant Maggots, while the cleric was engulfed by a swarm of Giant Maggot Grubs!!  

      Orreg the Goliath and Sallouisa the Cleric of the Raven Queen go down, monsters munch, leading to failed Death Saves... things look grim!!!   (At this point I thought I was going to see two character deaths!)...

Fortunately Adria had finagled a healing potion from an apothecary while in town and used it just in time to revive Sallouisa, who then healed Orreg just in time to save him from death! Aldebaran and Adria joined the battle and the vile creatures were destroyed, but the cleric and sorcerer were diseased, Orreg and Sallouisa were badly injured...then a small girl with a dead lamb draped over her soldiers approached them from the dark tunnel...she clutched a doll... Aldebaran realized it wasn't a doll but something far more sinister!!!

Sunday, February 27, 2022

5E Campaign Session One

 Hello everyone,

 Last night we played our first session of our new 5E Campaign.  

     Everyone agreed that having had a Session Zero really helped them get into the scope and intent of the Campaign, as well as, have solid character concepts and builds prior to last night.  Part of our Session Zero involved me asking the players their preferences in game play. I realized while I like a lot of combat in my games, my players were more of a mixture of role play, puzzles, exploration and some combat. In my preparations for Session One, I factored all of these into the session and I think it worked out well.  

     I let the player's know that this was not an adventure path type of campaign, instead their characters would be driving the story, in a sandbox type of setting.  In our Session Zero the players had helped develop the starting region, the small Kingdom of Valorn, in the small human (mostly) town of Bastion right on the edge of the kingdom near the dangerous Borderlands.  I provided several different potential adventure leads to the characters prior to them leaving town, and they got a lot more accomplished in the 4.5 hours of play than I expected. Fortunately I had done a good bit of prep and was prepared. 

I present our party "The Humble Travelers"    back row from L to R  Orreg "Bearkiller" Thuliaga - Goliath Fighter, Adria- Aasimar Druid,  Sallouisa "Sally"- Human Cleric of the Raven Queen, and on front row, the mysterious Aldebaran- a half-elf..that claims to be a simple woodsman, but has shown some spell casting abilities...

     We play again in two weeks and everyone seems to be excited!   It felt fantastic to be doing in person gaming again!

Good Gaming - B.B.

Friday, February 18, 2022

5E Session Zero!

                 Yeah, my DM Dice box has gotten out of hand....

 This last Saturday was interesting on the gaming front for several reasons.  First and foremost a return to face to face gaming after a long hiatus. Second, I was asked to run a 5E game for a group of good friends.  I'm an OSR guy, but after discussion and thought I agreed to run 5E.  For me the most important thing is the people at the table, and this was a chance to run for a great group of folks.  The last, but not least item of interest was we met but did not actually play per se. Instead I had an official Session Zero. I've never actually organized or done a true Session Zero before.  I've done group campaign building, and variations of that, but we followed a pre-worked agenda/outline I worked up, asking players key questions about their gaming styles, preferences, likes and dislikes.  Even learned some new things about people I've known for years.  Then we worked in broad strokes on the starting campaign area, then we did character creation. Gaming schedules were hashed out, house rules, what to do in event of character death or player absence. Etc...

Bit of organized character creation

My Dice of Death & Dismemberment arrived that day, so we had a serious chat about using them or not...we worked out a compromise.

     By the end of the evening, everyone was excited about their characters and the campaign. Since Saturday,  I've received multiple messages from the players saying how much they enjoyed having a Session Zero and how it helped them better formulate their character and how to come together as a group.  Looking forward to this campaign!

- Good Gaming! B.B.

Sunday, January 30, 2022

P.A./Sci-Fi Random Inspiration Generator

    I Love random generators. As a GM I have found over the years that making use of various generators can really take my imagination and my games into some fun directions that I wouldn't have otherwise gone in.  Over the holidays I was reading a a gaming blog post (sorry I honestly don't remember which one) about suggesting going through your Sci Fi book collection and randomly opening to a page, taking the first word that jumps out at you on that page and jot it down.  Then after you have a nice list to work with voila a Random Inspiration Generator is born!  

     So I did just that I grabbed a stack of my Sci-Fi (many P.A. related) books and the below list was created. Unfortunately in a cleaning binge, I put the books back up on the shelves before I wrote down which ones I used. * Doh*, I know I used Hiero's Journey, a random Deathlands book, Ensign Flandry and several others. I think it was 6-7 books in all.  Some of the words may initially seem bland, but don't be surprised they can spark some unexpected creativity when you are stuck for an adventure theme, or suggestion for an NPC or contents of a vault chamber!    

P.A./Sci-Fi Random Inspiration Generator

 1 Wrinkled

2 Other

3 Tangled

4 Monsters

5 Starless

6 Rust

7 Rustling

8 Run

9 Corroded

10 Survivors

11 Ruined

12 Howl

13 Cache

14 Map

15 Scorching'

16 Fury

17 Boss

18 Outpost

19 Empty

20 Family

21 Artifact

22 Engine

23 Dark

24 Underground

25 Vanish

26 Poison

27 Traitors

28 Cautious

29 Worn

30 Flicker

31 Sand

32 Abandoned

33 Attack

34 Shunted

35 Deep

36 Scent

37 Stolen

38 Strange

39 Watching

40 Violent

41 Power

42 Love

43 Blessing

44 Silent

45 Lured

46 Desert

47 Brute

48 Distant

49 Death

50 Harm

51 Shredded

52 Old

53 Bones

54 Acid

55 Attack

56 Resupply

57 Kick-Ass

58 Awesome

59 Road

60 Traders

61 Hollow

62 Repair

63 Ally

64 Tomorrow

65 Painful

66 Smoke

67 Beacon

68 Sun

69 Irradiated

70 Mutation

71 Secure

72 Claws

73 Teeth

74 Terrors

75 Blaze

76 Glass

77 Carnivores

78 Slime

79 Concealed

80 Feared

81 Books

82 Guards

83 Pipe

84 Wounded

85 Dissolve

86 Strike

87 Marauder

88 Frozen

89 Metal

90 Screech

91 Cover

92 Vanished

93 Masks

94 Territory

95 Profane

96 Stuck

97 Deathtrap

98 Rocks

99 Charts

100 Exterminate


 So lets see if this idea generator works...

Testing it out, I have no preconceived notions...  First question how many rolls on the table do I make?

I'll roll a d6 to determine that... I get a "6" six rolls.

First I roll "84 - Wounded" - so someone or something is wounded...interesting..

Roll 2 is " 87 - Marauder" - seems we are dealing with a wounded marauder encounter...

Roll 3 is "8 - Run" - A wounded marauder on the run? wonder why they are on the run?  Are the local authorities after them??  Lets keep rolling...

Roll 4 is " 42- Love" - Ok now we are definitely getting a theme here, a wounded marauder on the run, and love is involved? They fall in love with the wrong person?...lets do our next roll...

Roll 5 is "27-Traitors" - So I'm starting to see a Romeo and Juliet type of scenario here. A Marauder falls in love with someone from outside their group, this person is maybe part of a group that the marauders prey upon or is their beloved part of the local Establishment/Authority?, are viewed as Traitors by both sides perhaps?  One last roll to go...

Roll 6 is "93 - Masks"- At this point I'm thinking we are dealing with a couple of lovers on the run, one is wounded, one is a Marauder and the other is not, they are considered traitors by both sides and while on the run are hiding out under some sort of covert/masked means.  Maybe pretending to be someone other than who they really are...

     Lets take these ideas just a bit further... Starting with the Marauder....who are they?  

For me a great resource for additional ideas is Pinterest.. I have several collections of different images I have saved over the years, filed under different boards.   Looking around I quickly find one that jumps out at me!

I know this is a cosplay image of Jack from Mass Effect (image by Sabi Noir) but it really inspires me with some ideas.. So I'm thinking the Marauder is a female.  Now I need a name.... how about Jax or Jaxs? I like the sound of that...My google fu finds a few more cosplay images of this character..

This is the cosplay actress Anna Moleva

     Great I like this, so what about her beloved?  I think this person will be a member of the "Authorities" Going through my Pinterest boards, I find the below image.  He looks like he has been through some rough times, ragged uniform, some possible injuries and a cornered look in his eyes. So lets tweak the above narrative a bit, the Marauder isn't the one that is injured, instead it is this guy. Maybe he is some sort of scout or pilot? He could have crashed on the planet and/or been captured by the Marauders. Jaxs and he are on the run and he is injured. Maybe she helped him escape? Due to his injuries, he can't travel far without frequents rests?

     I could keep going with this, work on his background some more, he needs a good name, but I think the list has proved it can work with some imagination.  When used with a campaign, I'd plug in my campaign factions and regions to flesh things out more.  This took a bit more of a Sci Fi direction than gritty P.A., but with some tweaks the above could readily work in P.A. Campaign. For a Gamma World Type Campaign Jaxs could be a member of the Knights of Genetic Purity or Red Death, her lover could be from a Hi Tech Enclave of Restorationists or Maybe he is a member of the KGP and she is a member of the Friends of Entropy. Lots of options.  

     Working this into a campaign the party could stumble upon these two hiding out in some ruin or under disguise in a village or town, or the party could be hired by rival factions/Cryptic Alliances to hunt down and kill/capture these two...lots of possibilities. Maybe he has valuable information on secret vaults or tech? I may have to revisit these concepts again in another post.

Have a great weekend!

Good Gaming-B.B.


Chuck Norris Scenario Generator (Neon Lords of the Toxic Wasteland)

 Hope everyone is doing well!

I've enjoyed getting back to posting again on my blog after a long hiatus.  I appreciate everyone for dropping by and the comments.  One thing I have noticed after my recent posts, it seems one of the more popular recent posts I did was about Neon Lords of the Toxic Wasteland. In that recent post all I really did was mention Neon Lords of the Toxic Wasteland, so I figured I needed a bit more Neon Lords content on the ole blog. With that in mind today is a bit of a "cheat post".  I originally posted this material way back in October of 2017. Wow, what a different world that was from today... 

     Anyways, I thought my old Chuck Norris Scenario Generator would be perfect to use with your Neon Lords of the Toxic Wasteland Campaigns. It captures that 80s vibe that I love so much, yeah I'm old enough to have solid memories of the 80's. So here it is again for your viewing pleasure!

Chuck Norris Scenario Generator

Locations- Roll a d4 for the number of key adventure locations then a d20 for specific locations (keep duplicates!).
1 Jungle
2 Ruins
3 Casino
4 Wasteland
5 Desert
6 Warehouse
7 Houseboat
8 Run-Down House (in the middle of nowhere)
9 Dojo
10 Bar
11 Diner (that overcharges outsiders)
12 Restaurant (Chinese!)
13 Wrecking Yard
14 Prison Camp
15 Terrorist Training Camp
16 Guerilla Base
17 Back Alleys
18 The Institute (Mental Hospital + so much more!)
19 Abandoned Theater
20 Abandoned House

Missions (roll a d6 for the central mission of the scenario, ACTION is the key concept of the scenario!)
1 Rescue POW's
2 Quest for lost Treasure
3 Defeat Foe (roll on the foes table)
4 Save Old Teammates
5 Save Hostages
6 Save the Damsel in Distress

Foes roll a d30 (what do you mean you don't have one!?!)
1-3 Enemy Soldiers
4 Savages
5-6 Guerrilla Forces
7-8 Terrorists
9 Genetically Altered Sociopath
10-11 Assassins
12-14 Drug Gang (roll on the Drug Gang Table)
15 Mexican Bandits
16 Gang of Horse Thieves
17-18 Crime Syndicate
19-20 Gangsters
21-22 Martial Artists
23-Crooked Cops
24 Ninjas
25 Crazed Serial Killer
26 Cultists Religious Zealots
27 Supernatural Being
28 Militants
29 Hit Men
30 Neo-Nazis

Drug Gang Table (roll a d6)
1 Drug Runners
2 Asian Drug Gang
3 Gang of Iranian Drug Dealers
4 South American Drug Cartel
5-6 Vicious Drug Gang

Potential Friends & Allies (roll a d12)
1 Prowler Robot
2 Pet Wolf
3 Loyal Canine Sidekick
4-5 Ex-Army Buddy
6 Sympathetic Priest
7 Old Mercenary Friend
8 Missionary
9 Inscrutable Woman of Mystery
10 Holy Man
11 Martial Artist
12 Friend on the Force (Cop)
Additional Story Elements
1-4 Illegal Drugs!
5-7 Illegal Weapons
8 Treasure Map
9 Cobra Venom
10 Cursed Scepter (optionally roll a d8+1 for the number of pieces)
11-12 Potential Romantic Interest

So making some random rolls let's see what we get..
2 Locations, rolled a 17 for a Back Alley and a 3 for a this will be an urban adventure
The Key mission is a 3... to defeat a Foe..rolling to determine the foe I rolled an 11...Assassins!
For potential friends and allies I rolled a7 for an Old Mercenary Friend...
under additional story elements I got a 9 Cobra Venom!!  Cause you know Chuck Norris was once bitten by a Cobra and five excruciating days later the cobra died!  : )
Anyway this looks like assassins are working out of the Casino, killing targets in back alleys across the city. Our player(s) are brought in to deal with the issue, an old mercenary buddy provides some intel on the location and may even help with the final fight. But then in the final battle it is learned the master assassin is a master of Cobra Venom Style Martial Arts! Will our heroes prevail!!  : )