Sunday, March 13, 2022

5E Campaign Session 1-2

 We resumed our 5E game last night.  Lots of fun.  

  "The Humble Travelers"    back row from L to R  Orreg "Bearkiller" Thuliaga - Goliath Fighter, Adria- Aasimar Druid,  Sallouisa "Sally"- Human Cleric of the Raven Queen, and on front row, the mysterious Aldebaran- a half-elf Sorcerer.

    The party took a side trek. Prior to leaving town, an elderly lady asked Adria the Druid to check on a small farm and blacksmith out on the edge of civilization, the lady was worried that her daughter, son-in-law (a black smith) and 7 year old granddaughter hadn't check in in weeks. The party found the farm initially deserted, but soon stirred up a bunch of nasty giant flies. They were soon overrun by an assortment of giant nasty flies! With no sign of the family that lived there.  

Bigger flies swarmed out of the barn! The party engaged in pitched battle, and things looked grim but through teamwork and luck managed to kill off the flies. 

A large hole was found in the back of the barn going down into the ground! They thought they heard a little girl down in the hole...crying!! Aldebaran advised they leave! But the others especially the cleric would have none of that!

Session 2 

Exploring the tunnels.. trying to find the little girl led to the Orreg getting overwhelmed by Giant Maggots, while the cleric was engulfed by a swarm of Giant Maggot Grubs!!  

      Orreg the Goliath and Sallouisa the Cleric of the Raven Queen go down, monsters munch, leading to failed Death Saves... things look grim!!!   (At this point I thought I was going to see two character deaths!)...

Fortunately Adria had finagled a healing potion from an apothecary while in town and used it just in time to revive Sallouisa, who then healed Orreg just in time to save him from death! Aldebaran and Adria joined the battle and the vile creatures were destroyed, but the cleric and sorcerer were diseased, Orreg and Sallouisa were badly injured...then a small girl with a dead lamb draped over her soldiers approached them from the dark tunnel...she clutched a doll... Aldebaran realized it wasn't a doll but something far more sinister!!!


  1. Creepy girl with a dead lamb in a maggot tunnel? Yeah, DM, I'm reaching for my sword. Maybe a grenade. Not good.