Sunday, November 15, 2015

Into the Odd

I recently came across a rules-lite RPG that has really sparked my interest.  Yes, I know you are thinking good grief man, don't you have enough RPG's on your shelf that you don't have time to play as it is?  All true, all very true.  However, the issue regarding limited (ok, nonexistent) free time, is what has drawn me back to the OSR and rules lite gaming. This from a guy who  used to regularly DM Pathfinder.  Thanks to games like White Star, I'm find myself with a renewed interest in rules-lite systems.  That's where Into the Odd comes in.  This is a really awesome and fun RPG that I can't wait to play.  I saw where someone compared it to if Lamentations of the Flame Princess and Numenera had conceived a love child and I can see that.  You can literally make up a character in under 5 minutes.  Combat is super-fast and lethal, and the game has a cool freshness to it, that a sometimes jaded old gamer like myself finds refreshing. You can find out more about the game HERE.