Monday, September 27, 2010

Labyrinth Lord Recruitment Poster!

 I want to game! I'm ready to get back in the saddle again, hopefully school will cooperate, I'm mid-way through my last semester! Woo Hoo!  Work isn't quite so crazy and I'm ready to do some DMing again.  I want to play Labyrinth Lord!  The FLGS has alot of 4E and some 3.x players, but that's not what I'm into these days.  I'm yearning for a simpler rules system. One that with my limited time schedule will only call for limited game prep time.  Sooo I finally got off of my butt created a Yahoo group, posted my house rules and such and worked up a Recruitment Poster. Here it is minus my contact info, don't want to get spammed don't ya know!

I haven't even put it out at my FLGS yet and thanks to my buddy Michael who posted it on a local gaming forum, I'm already getting hits! I've already got enough folks committed to run a game, with several more interested.
How cool is that?  I even ran this by the Labyrinth Lord Society guys and they gave me some great positive feedback.  Sooo if your thinking about gaming but think there aren't any old schoolers around, try something like this out, so far it has worked really well for me.  I will keep you all posted! 
Good Gaming -B

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Toy Monsters for your D&D games!

I recently spotted an excellent post by Jim over at the Carjacked Seraphim blog about Bargain Bin monsters.
I slipped out this afternoon and stopped at the Big Lots and scored a couple of cool monsters that Jim had mentioned over on his blog.
There's all kinds of neat toys and such out there that are perfect for use in your D&D/Labyrinth Lord Games
Bill and his War Dog "Precious" Confront the Mesmerizing Sphynx-Beast
        Bill and Precious now must the battle the giant Croc-Baboon!
Having seen yesterday's post, my wonderful wife reminded me that there was another Michael's not far from our house, so after leaving Big Lots I headed over there.
A Phoenix Rises from the flames!
The phoenix was in the toy section, the "flame" crystals were on one of the aisles I wandered by, perfect for flames or somesuch.

                       On the same trip I found this awesome Green Dragon!
Even with their newfound ally the mysterious Githzerai Mage, can Bill and Precious overcome this powerful foe?
Our party battles a Gaunt Giant (no that's not a Star Wars Figure? what are you talking about! LOL)
Found this Star Wars Action Figure awhile ago and thought it would work fine for some sort of Undead Giant or somesuch. What ya think?
      And you thought you were having a bad day?
 The Dragons (& Hydra) are all purchases from Michael's.
 So next time your wife or girlfriend tells you she is headed to the craft store, ya might want to tag along! : )
Good Gaming - B.
 Oh and for anyone interested, the Bill mini is an old OOP IronClaw mini, Precious is an old Citadel mini and the Githzerai is a RAFM Space 1889 mini, I think it also is OOP.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Of Jesters, Dragons and Space Aliens! Oh My!

My daughter had a volley ball tournament today, which meant I had some downtime between games, so I slipped over to the local Michael's and Toys R' Us to kill some time. 
Scored a couple of cool Dragons for use with my 28mm minis, and picked up a couple of Lego minifigs.
When I got home and dumped out my bag of goodies, this was the end result!  : )

The Jester
Happy Happy Joy Joy
Oh my what's this?

 RUN for your LIFE!!!
Daring Rescue!
The Great Escape!

Hmmm, anyone know of any Harlequin Character class stats for Labyrinth Lord??
**Update** Through the mystical powers of Google Fu, I found a cool link that has all kinds of D&D resources regarding the Jester class. Enjoy!

Simian Saturday : Stroll down Mego Lane...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Simian Saturday :Gorillinators!

I've had these for some time and just realized I haven't posted about them. Cyborg Gorillas!! Woo Hoo!
They are from the Gorillinators (Jandar's Oath Faction) set for Heroscape, came out a few years ago but should still be available in some places. They are in the bigger 28mm heroic scale, just like the rest of the Heroscape minis, which is fine for tough cyborg apes!  I've gotten alot of use out of these guys in my tabletop games and Mutant Future games, and hope to be using them again soon.

Also Eli did a recent post featuring some new ape minis in 28mm, check out his post here.

Oh, please note the above picture is not mine.  My camera is shot, still need to get a new one.
Good Gaming! -B

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Recoiless Nuclear Rifle

Here is a scary real world weapon for your Mutant Future Games!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Gamma World Loot Generator!

      My buddy Tormentor, in his spare time, continues to work on stuff for Gamma World 4th Edition (note that's NOT the new WotC Gamma World 4E, it is the old 4th edition of Gamma World from several years ago). His latest work in progress is an on-line Random Loot Generator . Check it out for your P.A. Scavenging/Loot needs.  Oh and Loot Type "N" gives the most random stuff. Even if you don't play Gamma World 4th edition, this is still useful for your Mutant Future or other P.A. RPG games.
He is also working on an encounter generator but that isn't ready yet. 

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Simian Saturday : Eureka Space Apes!!

 Recently Jay over at the Exonauts! blog admitted to having Ape Fever! Sadly Jay I'm afraid there is no cure.  I caught it as a wee lad when I first saw the black and white original King Kong movie and have been "suffering" with it ever since.
But don't despair there are many ways to get your ape fever "fix", part of the reason I do my regular Simian Saturdays is as a public service for those of us "afflicted" with this condition. 
Awhile ago I ordered some awesome space apes from Eureka Miniatures. They are 28mm, though not on the uber "heroic" GW scale.
I haven't had the time to get them painted up yet, but here is a painted example from the web.
The female is named Aperrella, pretty cool!
Eureka also has some "Boiler Suit" Apes.

 Perfect for if you want to relive the prequel PotA movies or similar. Also work perfectly for ape men in your Mutant Future or other P.A. Campaigns!
If I ever get mine painted I'll be sure to post them!
May the Ape be with you!  -B

AD&D Meetup!!

Some of you may or may not know I've been trying to get some gaming in for awhile now. Work, school and family stuff have conspired against me, however, it looks like there will be some actual gaming in my future.
An AD&D Meetup has formed and the groups schedule looks like it will work for me.  I haven't played AD&D in forever, so it should be sweet!  Lots of folks have signed up and some are even discussing secondary groups for Traveller, and other games.  You know at some point I'm gonna try to sway them into trying out some Mutant Future.  Lots of "younger" gamers are in the group who have never played AD&D, many signed up out of interest in trying something other than 4E or 3.X, good times, I've still got my bin filled with my old classic Basic D&D/AD&D modules to unleash on them.  Can you imagine gamers who have never played Keep on the Borderlands! the Slavers series, Isle of Dread!  Boo YA!
Glad I hung on to my AD&D Player's Handbook!  : )

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Warp Riders

 I was recently  made aware that the group The Sword has released their third album; Warp Riders. I really like this band, so asap I went out and picked up the album.  I was not disappointed and as an added bonus, I found the album cover to be quite awesome!
This just begs to be a used as inspiration for a Sci-Fi Campaign!  Now to just decide on a rules system??
Mini-Six, Savage Worlds, Traveller, hmm things to ponder!
-Good Gaming!

Simian Saturday

 I've been on a Star Wars kick lately... I blame it on me looking through some old D6 Star Wars stuff for Mini-Six.  A friend sent me a couple of cool pics he found on the net. I thought they were really cool and appropriate for Simian Saturday.
First up The Simian Empire Strikes Back!

Followed up by the Simian Alliance!
 The person who did these has quite the talent.
May the Ape be With You! Always!