Saturday, September 25, 2010

Of Jesters, Dragons and Space Aliens! Oh My!

My daughter had a volley ball tournament today, which meant I had some downtime between games, so I slipped over to the local Michael's and Toys R' Us to kill some time. 
Scored a couple of cool Dragons for use with my 28mm minis, and picked up a couple of Lego minifigs.
When I got home and dumped out my bag of goodies, this was the end result!  : )

The Jester
Happy Happy Joy Joy
Oh my what's this?

 RUN for your LIFE!!!
Daring Rescue!
The Great Escape!

Hmmm, anyone know of any Harlequin Character class stats for Labyrinth Lord??
**Update** Through the mystical powers of Google Fu, I found a cool link that has all kinds of D&D resources regarding the Jester class. Enjoy!


  1. I dig that red dragon. I've been meaning to buy one like that, mount it on a 3" x 3" base that I have painted, then use it in play. Rargh!

  2. No on the Harlequin, but how hard could they be to make?

  3. Thanks Christian, I think the Red Dragon was $4, much cheaper than a Official D&D mini equivalent.
    I hear ya Eli, seems like I had a Jester class in an old Dragon somewheres...hmmm off to do some digging.

  4. I have that hydra/dragon, it's awesome! I think it's made by Safari Toys. I'm a big fan of using toys to stock the dungeon!

  5. Hey Jay,
    I think your right it is Safari Toys, and thanks for the link!

  6. I've got quite a few of the Safari, Schliech, and Papo dragons these days. They make for great game aids. Haven't picked up either of the two you've got above, but I've got some other nice ones, ranging from $6 up to around $20.

  7. Yeah the three you mentioned Gwydion put out nice stuff--and it totally beats paying twice as much or MORE for some WotC mini that's comparable. What's the difference anyway? It's on a base and comes with a stat card? I'd write my own anyway!