Sunday, September 26, 2010

Toy Monsters for your D&D games!

I recently spotted an excellent post by Jim over at the Carjacked Seraphim blog about Bargain Bin monsters.
I slipped out this afternoon and stopped at the Big Lots and scored a couple of cool monsters that Jim had mentioned over on his blog.
There's all kinds of neat toys and such out there that are perfect for use in your D&D/Labyrinth Lord Games
Bill and his War Dog "Precious" Confront the Mesmerizing Sphynx-Beast
        Bill and Precious now must the battle the giant Croc-Baboon!
Having seen yesterday's post, my wonderful wife reminded me that there was another Michael's not far from our house, so after leaving Big Lots I headed over there.
A Phoenix Rises from the flames!
The phoenix was in the toy section, the "flame" crystals were on one of the aisles I wandered by, perfect for flames or somesuch.

                       On the same trip I found this awesome Green Dragon!
Even with their newfound ally the mysterious Githzerai Mage, can Bill and Precious overcome this powerful foe?
Our party battles a Gaunt Giant (no that's not a Star Wars Figure? what are you talking about! LOL)
Found this Star Wars Action Figure awhile ago and thought it would work fine for some sort of Undead Giant or somesuch. What ya think?
      And you thought you were having a bad day?
 The Dragons (& Hydra) are all purchases from Michael's.
 So next time your wife or girlfriend tells you she is headed to the craft store, ya might want to tag along! : )
Good Gaming - B.
 Oh and for anyone interested, the Bill mini is an old OOP IronClaw mini, Precious is an old Citadel mini and the Githzerai is a RAFM Space 1889 mini, I think it also is OOP.


  1. NOW I'VE GOT TO GO TO MICHAELS!!! They're right across the street from my house! LOL! Thanks!

  2. Cool. Occasionally I'll think of this, when I happen to see some interesting toy at the drug story or whatnot, but I've never got around to doing it.

  3. I am so jealous of you guys! No Big Lots around here, or a Yoys R Us and the Michaels is very lame and small, there were no dragons there.


  4. That green dragon (bottom two pics) is pretty cool!

  5. Thanks guys! Let me know if you find anything cool! : )