Thursday, September 16, 2010

Recoiless Nuclear Rifle

Here is a scary real world weapon for your Mutant Future Games!


  1. The perfect weapon for power armored troops or killer robots.

    Nuclear Knights go in, nuke the area and then send in the scrubber robots to clean the area. I'd be afraid when the rebelious androids get ahold of these and figure out its a quick and easy way to do in human settlements.

  2. Sweet! This would make a great gaming accessory...For the character. Yeah, that what I meant.

  3. I'm don't know why the History Channel calls the Davy Crockett an M65, which is a pretty massive piece of artillery. The Davy Crockett is the M-29.

    Perfect for Mutant Future, though. What a great item to
    * find in a random treasure, then
    * have an enemy deploy one against the PCs, then
    * the PCs warhead turns out not to be armed,
    * necessitating a quest for codes,
    * producing also several more warheads.
    Then the biggest community for 500 mile gets levelled.


  4. LOVE Modern Marvels on the History Channel! One of my favorite shows--and I think I've watched this episode 3 times. Great find!

    /"Hi There" LOL

  5. Atomic Annie

    she is such a sweet heart

  6. my mistake ,
    the atomic annie was a much bigger piece of artillery

  7. I love it. You fire the weapon, get radiated, get more mutations. Win!