Saturday, September 11, 2010

Simian Saturday : Eureka Space Apes!!

 Recently Jay over at the Exonauts! blog admitted to having Ape Fever! Sadly Jay I'm afraid there is no cure.  I caught it as a wee lad when I first saw the black and white original King Kong movie and have been "suffering" with it ever since.
But don't despair there are many ways to get your ape fever "fix", part of the reason I do my regular Simian Saturdays is as a public service for those of us "afflicted" with this condition. 
Awhile ago I ordered some awesome space apes from Eureka Miniatures. They are 28mm, though not on the uber "heroic" GW scale.
I haven't had the time to get them painted up yet, but here is a painted example from the web.
The female is named Aperrella, pretty cool!
Eureka also has some "Boiler Suit" Apes.

 Perfect for if you want to relive the prequel PotA movies or similar. Also work perfectly for ape men in your Mutant Future or other P.A. Campaigns!
If I ever get mine painted I'll be sure to post them!
May the Ape be with you!  -B


  1. Nice!
    I'm so gonna steal those for my B-Movie game project. :D

  2. Hey Dave! Haven't "seen" you in awhile. Hope school isn't kicking your butt to badly. : )

  3. Monkeys are awesome. I have wanted one as a pet since one walked into our apartment off the fire escape when I was 3.

    No, I didn't live anywhere exotic. It was Portland, Oregon and some guy upstairs let his monkey play on the fir escape.