Saturday, September 11, 2010

AD&D Meetup!!

Some of you may or may not know I've been trying to get some gaming in for awhile now. Work, school and family stuff have conspired against me, however, it looks like there will be some actual gaming in my future.
An AD&D Meetup has formed and the groups schedule looks like it will work for me.  I haven't played AD&D in forever, so it should be sweet!  Lots of folks have signed up and some are even discussing secondary groups for Traveller, and other games.  You know at some point I'm gonna try to sway them into trying out some Mutant Future.  Lots of "younger" gamers are in the group who have never played AD&D, many signed up out of interest in trying something other than 4E or 3.X, good times, I've still got my bin filled with my old classic Basic D&D/AD&D modules to unleash on them.  Can you imagine gamers who have never played Keep on the Borderlands! the Slavers series, Isle of Dread!  Boo YA!
Glad I hung on to my AD&D Player's Handbook!  : )


  1. Wooh-hoo! Hope you have a blast!

  2. Thanks James,
    I gotta say Meet Up seems to really work.
    I'll keep ya posted!

  3. Sounds promising and once you meet some other gamers you may be able to get some of those other games going.


  4. Saltmarsh, Isle of Dread, etc.

    I sold of all my 2nd edition DnD books, but still have all my old AD&D on the shelf

  5. Yes let the newbies come ! let them come to thier early graves! (cough) muh ha ! muh ha ha ha ! muhhhaaaaa hahahha ahhahahahhahahhhaahaha!!!! (cough)(hack)