Saturday, September 18, 2010

Simian Saturday :Gorillinators!

I've had these for some time and just realized I haven't posted about them. Cyborg Gorillas!! Woo Hoo!
They are from the Gorillinators (Jandar's Oath Faction) set for Heroscape, came out a few years ago but should still be available in some places. They are in the bigger 28mm heroic scale, just like the rest of the Heroscape minis, which is fine for tough cyborg apes!  I've gotten alot of use out of these guys in my tabletop games and Mutant Future games, and hope to be using them again soon.

Also Eli did a recent post featuring some new ape minis in 28mm, check out his post here.

Oh, please note the above picture is not mine.  My camera is shot, still need to get a new one.
Good Gaming! -B


  1. Those are cool figs. Are those the stock paint jobs?

  2. Hey Eli,
    Yes those are the stock paint jobs. Won't win any awards, but more than adequate for my purposes.