Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Lost Temple of Forgotten Evil

I was able to meet up with my friend Kevin at the FLGS today, he hand delivered my copy of The Lost Temple of Forgotten Evil. I want to congratulate him for his successful Kickstarter;
 The Lost Temple of Forgotten Evil.
I'm going to have to dust off my 5E books and find the time to run this, it looks great and has a very Cthulhu vibe to it!
Congrats again to Kevin and Dark Naga Adventures! 

Happy Simian Saturday Everyone!

It has been a busy week down here in the Southern Wasteland, Brutorz Bill continues his advanced training with The Healers, meanwhile lots of activity on the Simian Front!  Reports indicate the Apes are growing in power and strength branching out far beyond Ape City, and even sending scouting parties into the Forbidden Zone. An Ape Victory seems imminent!  But wait what is that burning fireball shooting across the almost looks like a ...ship? : )
 Our Apes Victorious G+ Group is growing, the game's designers and developers have even been gracious enough to drop by to say hello and share some updates.  So if your interested in this upcoming OSR-based RPG please drop by and say hello.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Simian Saturday!  

Monday, April 25, 2016

Apes Victorious!

I know it isn't Simian Saturday yet, but I'm just so psyched about this upcoming RPG from Goblinoid Games that I had to not only blog about it, but I just started a G+ community about it as well:
Apes Victorious
Not much going on over in the community yet, but I'm hoping that will be changing very soon.  If you love the POTA and RPG's especially OSR games, then please consider joining the Apes Victorious G+ community.
For more info about this upcoming RPG check out the official announcement HERE

Monday, April 18, 2016

White Star: The Gornak

Well I missed Swords & Wizardry Appreciation Day, had to write a darn paper.  Oh well such is life. Anyway I wanted to make some sort of contribution to the S&W Community, in particular White Star.  I think White Star is loads of fun, and so easy to work with and create stuff for.
I recently watched an episode of Face off which had a cool looking cyclops race that I thought I would stat up for White Star, so without further ado I present the Gornak!

The Gornak are a primitive race of reptilian humanoids.  Their homeworld is a dry desolate world in the Malice system. The Gornak are a savage race resorting to violence to resolve most issues that they encounter. Some xenobiologists have speculated that the Gornak were genetically engineered to be a warrior race, their home system, is dotted with ancient ruins dating back thousands of years, and seem to have been built using methods beyond the abilities of the Gornak. In spite of their regenerative abilities the Gornak's numbers have been kept in check for most of their existence; due in part to the poor natural resources of their homeworld, but mostly due to their tendency to go to war with rival Gornak clans over the slightest of insults.  However, their race has recently been starting to "integrate" with galactic society, they are starting to show up in certain unscrupulous circles as hired muscle and bodyguards for crime lords and other types that don't mind if the Gornak gets a little "carried away" when busting heads. 

Weapons/Armor Restrictions: Primitive Weapons only! (Primitive weapons only: clubs, daggers, crossbows, bows, spears, staffs, and swords). Gornak just don't seem to grasp the concepts needed to utilize modern weaponry. They may wear light or medium armor and may use shields (their thick scaly hide keeps them from wearing heavier armors).
Saving Throws: +2 to save versus death and poison (only the strong survive, and what little flora and fauna exist on their planet is often poisonous).
Senses: Gornak have only one eye, which is centrally located on their forehead, this causes them to be at -1 to any checks related to vision.
Scales: Gornak have thick reptilian scales which provide them with a natural +2 bonus to AC
Battlerage: (1 in 6 chance per round to enter rage) +2 To-Hit and damage but can only use melee weapons. Gornak are known to go into a berserk battle frenzy when in combat.
Wasteland Warriors: Gornak are comfortable in desert and wasteland environments and receive a +1 to all rolls when in this environment.
Crude & Ugly: Gornak are a foul tempered, violent and crude race, other races tend to be uncomfortable around them, -1 to their rolled Charisma scores (minimum 3)
Strong!: Might makes right in Gornak society, and all Gornak receive a +1 to rolled Strength scores (maximum 18).
It'll Grow Back!: Gornak have a regenerative ability. They regenerate damage at a rate of 1 Hit Point per round.  They often don't grasp that other races seem to lack this ability, and even "friendly" rough housing with a Gornak can get out of hand. 

Gornak Level Advancement
Level 1 Experience: 0          HD: 1 BHB: +0  ST: 14
Level 2 Experience: 2,000  HD: 2  BHB: +1  ST: 13
Level 3 Experience: 4,000  HD:  3 BHB: +2  ST: 12
Level 4 Experience: 8,000 HD: 4  BHB:  +2  ST: 11
Level 5 Experience: 16,000 HD: 5 BHB: +3 ST: 10
Level 6 Experience 32,000  HD: 6  BHB: +4  ST: 9
Level 7 Experience 64,000 HD: 7  BHB: +4 ST: 8

I used the EXCELLENT! Hyperspace Messenger #3 : Aliens resource to generate this alien race.  If you play White Star you really need to own this product!!!
Based upon a character from the show Faceoff, no copyright infringement is intended.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Simian Saturday!

Special thanks to several folks for drawing my attention to this one!  I've severely neglected my Simian Saturday posts for quite awhile, but I just had to get this posted.  How cool is this! Can't believe no one ever thought about doing it before now!
You can read the blurb about it HERE!