Saturday, April 30, 2016

Happy Simian Saturday Everyone!

It has been a busy week down here in the Southern Wasteland, Brutorz Bill continues his advanced training with The Healers, meanwhile lots of activity on the Simian Front!  Reports indicate the Apes are growing in power and strength branching out far beyond Ape City, and even sending scouting parties into the Forbidden Zone. An Ape Victory seems imminent!  But wait what is that burning fireball shooting across the almost looks like a ...ship? : )
 Our Apes Victorious G+ Group is growing, the game's designers and developers have even been gracious enough to drop by to say hello and share some updates.  So if your interested in this upcoming OSR-based RPG please drop by and say hello.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Simian Saturday!  


  1. So glad about the return of Simian Saturdays. So excited about Apes Victorious.
    : )

  2. Hey JB! Thanks for dropping by and thanks for the comment! I've missed Simian Saturdays also! : )