Monday, April 25, 2016

Apes Victorious!

I know it isn't Simian Saturday yet, but I'm just so psyched about this upcoming RPG from Goblinoid Games that I had to not only blog about it, but I just started a G+ community about it as well:
Apes Victorious
Not much going on over in the community yet, but I'm hoping that will be changing very soon.  If you love the POTA and RPG's especially OSR games, then please consider joining the Apes Victorious G+ community.
For more info about this upcoming RPG check out the official announcement HERE


  1. Looking forward to it, I was a huge Apes fan as a kid. I have a post or two on my blog for the Simian Savanna I've wanted to expand into a pdf for Mutant Future or another OSR compatible game, this one might be it.

    1. Hey JDJarvis! Thanks for dropping by, I think this may indeed be what you've been looking for!

  2. @ Bill:


    I have no other words. As a longtime supporter of Goblinoid Games (and a longtime owner of Terra Primate), it feels like my simian duty to acquire this product.