Friday, February 18, 2022

5E Session Zero!

                 Yeah, my DM Dice box has gotten out of hand....

 This last Saturday was interesting on the gaming front for several reasons.  First and foremost a return to face to face gaming after a long hiatus. Second, I was asked to run a 5E game for a group of good friends.  I'm an OSR guy, but after discussion and thought I agreed to run 5E.  For me the most important thing is the people at the table, and this was a chance to run for a great group of folks.  The last, but not least item of interest was we met but did not actually play per se. Instead I had an official Session Zero. I've never actually organized or done a true Session Zero before.  I've done group campaign building, and variations of that, but we followed a pre-worked agenda/outline I worked up, asking players key questions about their gaming styles, preferences, likes and dislikes.  Even learned some new things about people I've known for years.  Then we worked in broad strokes on the starting campaign area, then we did character creation. Gaming schedules were hashed out, house rules, what to do in event of character death or player absence. Etc...

Bit of organized character creation

My Dice of Death & Dismemberment arrived that day, so we had a serious chat about using them or not...we worked out a compromise.

     By the end of the evening, everyone was excited about their characters and the campaign. Since Saturday,  I've received multiple messages from the players saying how much they enjoyed having a Session Zero and how it helped them better formulate their character and how to come together as a group.  Looking forward to this campaign!

- Good Gaming! B.B.