Saturday, March 2, 2019

Fantasy Gaming Minis!!!

I haven't posted pictures of my miniature collection in awhile.  But, I've still been steadily picking up new (well many old ones from back in the day) miniatures and thanks to some awesome talented friends have been able to slowly but surely get a good % of my growing collection painted up! 
I think I have a problem!   (no, not too many minis, not enough shelf space!  LOL)
I still have a pile of unpainted lead, but I now have a good solid assortment of painted minis to run a diverse range of D&Desque adventures.  Now that the kids have all moved out (Yippee) my wife has agreed to let me turn a room into a true game-room!  I have these minis currently in a small  room that isn't big enough to allow for more than a couple of players, so moving my collection to a bigger room will allow me to dig my stuff out of storage, add more shelves, and maybe get to use some of my Dwarven Forge stuff that has been in storage for far too long.  This will be a long project, as the kids haven't quite gotten all of their stuff out of the room I intend to use, but it is going to happen!  I am currently running a Stars Without Number game at a friend's house, our SWN game is more of a theater of the mind experience, I'm hoping by the time it wraps up I will have the game room ready for a Fantasy Campaign and we can go full blown with miniatures, terrain and more! 

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