Sunday, March 24, 2019

Galactic Sentience Catalog

 The players in my ongoing (revised) Stars Without Number Campaign have acquired a Starship, the system they started out in (The Thieves Worlds), was dominated by humans, with some uplifted chimps as second class citizens and a rare few aliens from outside the system; notably a few Qotah (a race from the original SWN rules). While I currently don't plan to take my sector into full-blown Mos Eisley Aliens Cantina mode, I do want to start bringing in a few more alien races.  Russ Morrissey has just released the Galactic Sentience Catalog for the WOIN RPG the NEW Setting of that game in particular.  NEW is a fun game, I have some of the other products for it, the mechanics of the game are a bit crunchier than what I am currently looking for at my game table, BUT the art, background and production values are all very well done, and when I saw the Galactic Sentience Catalog was out I snatched it up! I will be pulling in a few of the aliens from this book to sprinkle into some of the various star-ports, space stations and worlds in my sector.  As I have said before one of the things I especially enjoy about the OSR is the ease in which I can adapt and convert stuff from other products and game systems into my games. 

Below is a selection of some of the aliens found in this book. Not all, but a few of these Will be making appearances in my current SWN Cabal Sigma Campaign!

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